Bhumika Devkota

Biography of Bhumika Devkota

Hello, I am Bhumika Devkota, but for this I go as BDunderthestars.
Things I love:
Books, travel, write, draw, sleep, make and read quotes, and a lot of other stuff.
I love to write and read. It's what I do in my free time (and look at quotes) . I also love listening to songs, especially at the moment EXO.
Why I love writing:
I read a lot, but when I can't find a type of book I want to read, I can write, which is one of the main reason way I write. I also liked to tell stories when I was small. AND I can pour everything that is in my mind in writing. I have a thousand thing I could write about. I am always thinking of a plot, character, setting, quotes, to write about.
I like to be a deep person and am very stubborn, as my family say, when it comes to pretty much everything.
I also write in writerscafe, it's where my poems are and wattpad where I post nothing.
My user name for writinscafe- Bhumika Devkota. Wattpad- BDunderthestars

Bhumika Devkota's Works:


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