Rookie (02/10/1995 / MUMBAI)


1. 26/11 Terror Attacks 9/24/2012
2. Colour 9/24/2012
3. Death 9/24/2012
4. Floods 9/24/2012
5. Free Birds 9/24/2012
6. Happy Birthday 9/24/2012
7. I Am Sure Now I Won'T Fall 9/24/2012
8. M.F.Hssain 9/24/2012
9. Man 9/24/2012
10. Moon 9/24/2012
11. Nature 9/24/2012
12. Childish Dream 9/28/2012
13. New Year 9/28/2012
14. Patriotism 9/28/2012
15. Pen 9/28/2012
16. Sun 9/28/2012
17. Vacation 9/28/2012
18. Water 9/28/2012
19. Yet Universe Is Waiting For Us. 9/28/2012
20. Road Chaos 9/28/2012
21. King 9/24/2012
22. Laughter 9/24/2012
23. Mother 9/24/2012
24. I Saw Heaven 9/24/2012
25. Sunday-A Fun Day 9/28/2012
26. My Father 9/28/2012


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My Father

My father is so cute
That he got me a flute
My father is so sweet
That I like to touch his feet

My father is so nice
And also too much wise
My father is so good
That he always ask me food

My father kicks me twice
Whenever I tell lice
My father is so healthy
And also much wealthy

My father is so bold
That he has never suffered cold
My father is so strong
That he can go against wrong

My father's hands are so long
That they never let me sing a song
My father dries my tears at a touch
That is why I love him so much


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Black colour splashed into our hairs
white colour jumped into the nails we care
Blue colour jump from sky to sea
But green is the colour loved by me

Red is glimpsed in love and conflict
Brown was the colour of the chair on which I sit.
Orange is a shade of red and white
Yellow is the colour of sunlight

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