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361. After The Death Of His Wife, Said He That He Would Turn Into A Sadhu 11/19/2016
362. After The Herald Of Spring 2/24/2016
363. After Writing A Few Poems In English, One Likes Call Oneself A Poet Or Poetess 11/29/2014
364. After Writing Thousands Of Poems 11/7/2013
365. Again Gitanjali 9/23/2013
366. Again Remembered I The Same Story 11/7/2014
367. Again, Dawn At Puri By Jayanta Mahapatra 9/3/2016
368. Air India Mascot 6/4/2016
369. Akshay Tritiya, The Importnance Of The Auspicious Day 4/28/2017
370. Alcoholism 8/31/2014
371. Aligarh Muslim University & Raja Mahendra Pratap's Donation Of Lands 11/28/2014
372. All Alone 6/7/2014
373. All Are After Love, How Can It Be, Sir? 4/10/2015
374. All Babas Are Not Fake? How Do You Say So? Are You Yourself A Good Man, Just Think You? 10/8/2014
375. All But Need Black Money, M.Ps., M.L.As., M.L.C S. To Contest, So They Are Giving Deputations 11/17/2016
376. All Calling Themselves Poets Here, God, Save Me From Indian English Poets And Poetesses! I Mean The Duplicate Writers! 9/18/2013
377. All For Her Silent Bearing 12/11/2013
378. All The Time Minorityism Is Not Good At All 1/27/2015
379. All The Time Philosophy Will Not Help 4/14/2017
380. All The Time The Talk About Fanaticism & Fundamentalism Cannot Take Us Away 7/28/2014
381. All Were In The Cpi(M) 7/14/2014
382. Allen Ginsberg By The Ghats Of Benares 5/18/2017
383. Allen Ginsberg, Say You, Say You If Were A Yogi Or Not, If A Bhogi And This Too Not? 1/1/2017
384. Allen Ginsberg: A Portrait Of An Artist 5/18/2017
385. Am I A Poet Or Not? 6/13/2017
386. Am I A Poet? Who To Say? 12/16/2016
387. Am I Alone In The Universe? 11/11/2014
388. Amartya Sen 8/9/2013
389. Ambulance-Driver! 4/8/2016
390. Ambulane-Driver, Where Are You Taking Me Away? My Time Has Come It, My Tears None To Wipe Them Out, Not Even God 8/27/2013
391. America Is America 2/6/2017
392. America Is America, Do Not Make It Racial And Ethnic As Per Fanatical Lines 9/19/2015
393. America Is America, The United States Of America, Do Not Provincialize It, Do Not Asia-Ize It 9/18/2015
394. America Is But A Starnge Armsdealer 4/27/2016
395. America Is For The Americans 1/27/2017
396. America Is Of The Americans, Not The Racial People, Dangerous Ethnic Minorities 1/15/2017
397. America Should Ban The Entry Of Ismic Religious Minorities 12/8/2016
398. America Will Not Remain America, Radicalism Will Finish It Off If Can't Check Their Entries 6/12/2016
399. America, England & Others Should Toughen The Immigration Laws 12/6/2015
400. American Diplomacy The Root Of All Evils 4/27/2016
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

Chand She Chandni (Moonlight From The Moon)

Chand she chandni,
Labon she hanshi,
Jigar she jo chahat,
Muhabbat she betaabi jo
Churana chahata hun.

Moonlight from the moon,
Smiles from the lips,
Desire from the heart,
Restlessness from love,
Want I to steal.

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Miss Selfie
Taking photographs
From her smartphone,
None but she herself
And seeing with wow.

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