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4841. Hillary Clinton, The Presidential Candidate 10/12/2016
4842. The Roses That You Sent On My Birthday 10/12/2016
4843. Do Not Provoke Pakistan On Surgical Strikes 10/12/2016
4844. Indian English Poetry Criticism 10/12/2016
4845. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam (The Missile Man) 10/13/2016
4846. Wings Of Fire (By Kalam) 10/13/2016
4847. Daruwalla's Pestilence, The Ghagra In Spate 10/13/2016
4848. Bob Was Bob Dylan Before, Now After The Nobel Prize Praise Him Not 10/13/2016
4849. Even The Education From Harvard And California, Oxford And Cambridge Cannot Change The Genes Of The Terrorist 10/13/2016
4850. In The Temple Of Heart (Just Feel You) 10/13/2016
4851. Bob Dylan The Guitarist, The Icon Of Pop Culture, The Songwriter 10/14/2016
4852. Donald Trump, Why Do They Point The Finger At You? Couldn't You Leave Your Girlomania For To Be The President? 10/18/2016
4853. Why Are You Silent After The Award, Bob? 10/23/2016
4854. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam The Technocrat And His Personality 10/23/2016
4855. My Poetry Will Not Gush Forth If I Do Not A Muslim Girl 10/23/2016
4856. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam At The Rashtrapati Bhavan In His Thinking Hut And Talking With Flowers 10/23/2016
4857. Arun Kolatkar's Jejuri 10/23/2016
4858. Without Dating A Muslim Girl, Poetry Will Not Come To Me 10/23/2016
4859. If Bihar Could Not Locate The House Of George Orwell In Time, What To Say About Its Love Of English Language And Literature? 10/23/2016
4860. Your Bibis And Talaq 10/24/2016
4861. Do Not Do The Surgery Of Surgical Strikes 10/24/2016
4862. To Chuckle And Grin Like Mungerilal Had Been The Job Of Nissim Ezekiel 10/24/2016
4863. Deepawalli 10/25/2016
4864. Bob, You Are A Singer… 10/26/2016
4865. Giving My Heart To You, I Have Started Loving You 10/26/2016
4866. My Existence I Know It Not 10/27/2016
4867. Oh, For That Refugee Girl! 10/28/2016
4868. Poet Vijay Seshadri, How To Take To Him, Read His Poetry? 10/29/2016
4869. Deepawali, The Rows Of Lights 10/29/2016
4870. Let The Dark Goddess Bless You, Me And Us All 10/29/2016
4871. Shyama Kali, Kali, Blue-Faced Kali 10/29/2016
4872. The Dark Black Leg Of The Mother 10/29/2016
4873. Have You Seen The Mother? How Is She? 10/29/2016
4874. Mother Kali, The Dark Goddess 10/29/2016
4875. My Tryst With Saleem Peeradina, Trying To Know Him, Getting Introduced To 10/30/2016
4876. A No-Man 10/30/2016
4877. Random Descent By Jayanata Mahaptara 10/30/2016
4878. What Are They Doing, India And Pakistan? Will They Push The Nations To War? What A Madness Is It! 10/30/2016
4879. The New Experience Of Reading Saleem Peeradina And Understanding Him 10/30/2016
4880. The Home Minister And The Defense Minister Need To Be Restraint In Their Speeches As We Can Never Think In Terms Of The Fresh Indo-Pak War 10/30/2016
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,
Dark the world and the tales of it,
Dark the Creation
And the tales of it,
The Light coming out from the Womb of Darkness
And shining upon.

Dark daughter, dark you not,
Dark the Creation and the tales of it
Shrouded in myths and mysteries
And miracles flashing upon
To dawn.

Dark dark, dark ...

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O cinematographic villain, it’s true that your are doing the role of a villain
On marking the other lead roles gone to others,
It’s my request to you,
You remain a villain,
An expert in villainy,
But make not others real villains of life!

You with music in the background jump on the cushion
Like the hostel boys,

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