Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

81. Onon Marking Them Coming, I Mean The Marxists, The Leninists And The Maoists 8/8/2013
82. The Desire To Marry The Fanatic’s Daughter 8/8/2013
83. Think You, Taking Wine, What Have You Made Of You? Think, Just Think You 8/8/2013
84. What Is Poetry, Who To Say It To Me? 8/8/2013
85. Somewhere 8/8/2013
86. Circus Artistes 8/8/2013
87. how Long Will The Hero Go Beating The Villain? 8/8/2013
88. Who Is A Romantic? 8/8/2013
89. Who Is A Satirist? 8/8/2013
90. Once The Nights Used To Be Of 8/8/2013
91. Do You Love Me, Love Me Really? Yea, I Love You, Love You 8/8/2013
92. There Are Many To Say, I Love You Instantly 8/8/2013
93. The Black Girl Smiling 8/8/2013
94. The Partition 8/8/2013
95. M.N.Roy 8/8/2013
96. Michael Madhusudan Dutt 8/8/2013
97. Mahatma Gandhi 8/8/2013
98. Take The Bible And Say You, Confess And Accept You 8/9/2013
99. At The Fair-Ground 8/9/2013
100. Gandhiji, Your Pagletgiri… 8/9/2013
101. Suppose Your Son Turns Into A Bad Boy 8/9/2013
102. If You Go Failing In The Same Class 8/9/2013
103. Autobiography 8/9/2013
104. Eco-Criticism 8/9/2013
105. Will The Spring Fall Silent? 8/9/2013
106. I Used To Hear The Village Clown Saying 8/9/2013
107. Who The Daughter Weeping In The Temple Complex? 8/9/2013
108. I Weep For You, My Love (I Your Dead Wife) / The Voice Of The Dead Beloved 8/9/2013
109. Murkhamantri On Coming From Harvard 8/9/2013
110. what Is Love? (The Red Rose And Its Petals Splashed With The Dews) 8/9/2013
111. The Falling Tears 8/9/2013
112. When I Will Be No More In This World, You Will Feel It, Feel It, My Love 8/9/2013
113. Oscar Wilde 8/9/2013
114. Yoga Is Yoga, Make It Not Bhoga 8/9/2013
115. The Freedom Fighter 8/9/2013
116. A Non-Matric B.A. In Reaching Out The Un-Reached (Open University) 8/9/2013
117. They Are Coming To Vote 8/9/2013
118. The Fortune-Teller 8/9/2013
119. Your Smiles 8/9/2013
120. The Glow-Worm 8/9/2013
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,
Dark the world and the tales of it,
Dark the Creation
And the tales of it,
The Light coming out from the Womb of Darkness
And shining upon.

Dark daughter, dark you not,
Dark the Creation and the tales of it
Shrouded in myths and mysteries
And miracles flashing upon
To dawn.

Dark dark, dark ...

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O cinematographic villain, it’s true that your are doing the role of a villain
On marking the other lead roles gone to others,
It’s my request to you,
You remain a villain,
An expert in villainy,
But make not others real villains of life!

You with music in the background jump on the cushion
Like the hostel boys,

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