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i write my pain and try to ease myself. poems gives me a strength to live and to re-live the past memories which i wish i didnt had at all. but i love writing poems. plz read my poems and if u like it plz share..and i would love to hear ur poem as well :)

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Your Love

Your love for me will always remain the same.
Now u broke me in 2 1000 pieces,2 whom I should blame.
Life is not so easy; I have known it’s complicate.
Now I have forgotten 2breathe, I am completely dead,

I kissed on ur 4head, the first time wen we met.
I kissed ur lips the second time wen we went 4 a date.
I must have said’I love u’ for the infinite time.
No love written in my life, I m jus nt so fine.

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