Bilal Raja

Biography of Bilal Raja

Dear Reader,
My life is trapped in these lines. Football and Music. They have saved me on many an occasion. Manchester United. I love park on Saturday mornings. My iPod is quite diverse, mainly focusing on psychedelic alternative country folk-rockish classical jazzy blues rapping qawali styled music. Proof is my hero; I trust him and can be regularly found quoting him. Jeff Buckley is at genius status. Eminem being my favourite. Everything else is less relevant. Loyalty is all important, I need nothing else. People lying hurts me. I will not lose in any sense of the verb. Hate is a strong word. Love is unrequited. I lack faith but believe in fate. I like old stuff. I like collecting things. I like reading songs. I like getting caught in the rain. Morris dancing is my favourite childhood memory. I want to be six again, the happy years. I quite like acronyms and wordplay in general. I’m lazy but prefer the term laid back. I can work hard but I’m not a hard worker. Takeaway’s taken away all my money. I’m not good with goodbyes. I used to be funny. Three words I would use to describe myself would be unconfident, paranoid and insecure. I’m too analytical over the most insignificant of things. The question I ask is why? I do not like confrontation or fuss. I'd like to be remembered as a nice guy. I’m searching. I’m an insomniac and always tried. I don’t get close to people for fear of losing them. True friends are few and far between. Sometimes I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I’m fascinated with the idea of life and death. I’m still trying to fool this mirror. My biggest secret is, well that would be telling and my deepest fear is dying alone. Here's my tears on paper while my heart bleeds. But for now my smile will continue to deceive the world :)
Yours Faithfully..... Updates


Counting time in my mind
Look at all the things you’ll find
In my space, familiar face
Another memory gone to waste
Broken soul growing old
It has already all been told
Seeing red, being dead,
A ghost living inside my head
Energy sparks in me