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  • Ravi A Ravi A (1/26/2009 12:24:00 PM)

    'Love Killed'- Penning down the oppressive and depressive feelings of the world in my opinion doesn't constitute good poetry. Then, what is the difference between a poet and a layman? A good poet has to serve a good guide for the world. When there are so many themes for the poets to handle, to show the world the light of optimism, poets should not become a bundle of nerves like this. Kindly go through my three poems under Ravi Panamanna. Also search for my poetry at under the name 'Ravi'.

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  • Randy Briggs (1/21/2009 2:36:00 PM)

    'Potential turns to waste'

    Often this is how I feel. I try and try but never to the fullest I know I am capable of being. This rots me inside until I realize (or moreover remember) that man is lazy, all of man, and somehow as I am sitting with my wine staring at the moon whilst it rises full blown from the east I can be more satisfied than those with millions and those who don't have the wisdom to love and understand others.

    Good poetry, keep writing.

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  • James Bennett (1/21/2009 10:29:00 AM)

    Of your poems I like this the best :)

    Only thing i would chage would be from:
    'And now you must do the same' to 'Now you too must do the same' (for some reason it fits better in my head) But that's just my opinion :)

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Acronym For Your Name

Bewildered In Life And Love,
Something’s will never change
My sad and lonely existence
It’s bound to remain the same

Believing In Lie After Lie,
You led me further astray
Our relationship could never grow
When you were always away