Bill Cantrell

Bill Cantrell Quotes

  • ''It is not passion that balances love
    but love that balances passion''
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  • ''A poem is nothing other than a song that fell in love with its words''
  • ''Such gateways of light are the eyes
    yet, they can open the darkest of doors.''
    Immoral desires
  • ''The needs of the many
    Outweighed the needs of the few
    Whereas the rights of the few
    Devoures the rights of the many''
    Politically correct
  • ''Talent is passion being expressed''
  • ''When posting poems through a machine gun,
    Your readers are pronounced dead on arrival''
    Too much at once
  • ''The richest food for thought
    Are those breadcrumbs we glean between the lines''
    Real poetry
  • ''God is the only poet,
    We are just readers of his works.''
  • ''The death of social media will be the life of society''
  • ''Choose your friends wisely or they will chew you ruthlessly''

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Best Poem of Bill Cantrell

The Ultimate Poetess

The ocean
The ultimate poetess
Ever writing, ever reading
She is reaching to the shores,
Collecting our footprints
Deciphering our steps,
She feels the rhythm of our moments,
The meter of our stay
Sand castles have summoned a smile upon her face,
For the laughter of children has brought her meaning
The solitary ones looking for love,
She feels their pain as they quietly read their paperbacks,
Counting their hopes and dreams
Charmed by her presence,
Lovers have walked hand in hand
She makes a bed for them at night,
On the naked ...

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Places In My Heart

Of all the places in my heart,
There is one I will not throw away
The greatest poetry of my life,
Was to hear my children pray

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