Bill Cantrell

Bill Cantrell Quotes

  • ''It is not passion that balances love
    but love that balances passion''
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  • ''A poem is nothing other than a song that fell in love with its words''
  • ''Such gateways of light are the eyes
    yet, they can open the darkest of doors.''
    Immoral desires
  • ''The needs of the many
    Outweighed the needs of the few
    Whereas the rights of the few
    Devoures the rights of the many''
    Politically correct
  • ''Talent is passion being expressed''
  • ''When posting poems through a machine gun,
    Your readers are pronounced dead on arrival''
    Too much at once
  • ''The richest food for thought
    Are thouse breadcrumbs we glean between the lines''
    Real poetry
  • ''God is the only poet,
    We are just readers of his works.''

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Best Poem of Bill Cantrell

The Treasure Of A Letter

Words carefully written,
Will they stand the test of time?
The secret is emotion,
Not in the way words rhyme.
Treasures found,
Lessons learned,
Put them in a chest.
No better words than I love you,
Could ever serve you best.

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Tides Of Love

You need not burn old bridges
to keep me by your side.
The sun anoints your smile
and the moon dwells in your eyes

No road has ever taken me
to this place where all my dreams come true
No pain could ever cut so deep,
to think our love was through.

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