Bill Grace Poems

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Mcnay Day

Entering the lawns of manicured perfection
As close to heaven as I will ever come
The top of my pyramid of heavens
Except Lake Placid's ancient stars

Cheeries And Black Coffee And Morning

Five Wars With Parallels To Baseball

World War II - Dad's grief observed - Pop up caught at home plate
Vietnam - Gordian Knot conundrum - Game rained out
Gulf War I - Stopping Hitler's clone - Base hit to center field
Gulf War II - Twin Tower revenge - Bases loaded

The 'I And Thou' Of Poetry

Reading John Henry Newman's 'Beyond the Veil'
Reasures me of the 'I and Thou' of poetry.
Just as Elizabeth Browning celebrates
Her 'long lost saints' it helps greatly

The Hardness Of Lines

The stray cats teach me
About the hardness of my lines
About being out of control
About compassion for God's creatures

Word Craters

The trouble with being called 'Colonel'
Or almost anything else either good or bad

Sick In Moscow

How strange to be so sick in Moscow
That even the call of Czarist treasures

Price Tags

The young man in court
At the beginning of that long day
Did not know that there were price tags
Attached to his actions.

Only Literature Has An Enduring Voice

Only literature has an endring voice
In this area I know no other choice
But beyond the grave
There is even a more poweful thing that saves