Bill Grace Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Fat Jack '72

Bucks for a burger as a tip
He told me of his poetry and street days
That aluminum rims are nice but slice
under the duress of blowing tires

I Sit Sensate

Poor Mike

Poor Mike never got the recognition he deserved
Tougher than the IRS, persevering to a military pinacle called Chief
The discipline to cut his weight in half
This entrepreneur extraordinaire

Francis Bacon's Four Idols

Five Wars Personalized

World War II - a father's ancient wound observed
Viet Nam - unraveling a Gordian knot, Dave Fox killed
Gulf War I - Hitler's little clone pushed back
Gulf War II - Strike at ghost of Osama bin Laden

To A Poet On Rating His Or Her Poem

I do not vote the poems of others
I do not presume to judge
but if you take my breath away
make my heart run fast or beat a little more slow

The Old Chaplain's Hair Policy

Retired, I will never grow long hair
It is the least that I can do
To show those who wear the uniform
That there are ties that bind

Remembering John Andrade

The bank of flags and red and white stripped coffin
are electric to our sight
Despite our most profound enemy being our need for drama
I am glad our local paper keeps the pressure on.

Charlie Rose At The Movies

When Charlie tries to hustle movies
He is at his worst despite honorable effort

Humility - A Poem Dedicated To John Levitow's Memory Cmh

It has occurred to me
As one who is future oriented
That his can be a bad trap for us,
The most true issue being