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1121. Amendment To A Liturgy 2/6/2015
1122. Three Eyes In Darkness Glowing 2/24/2015
1123. Winter Respite In Texas 1/27/2015
1124. Writing Poetry Late At Night After My Wife's Cancer Surgery Exam 7/12/2014
1125. Apology To Ted Kooser 3/8/2012
1126. Chuck E Cheese Counter Lady 2/3/2012
1127. :) Poetry Of 12 Words 2/24/2005
1128. The Fortune Cookies' Fate 7/28/2007
1129. Poster 5/15/2006
1130. Education's Tandem Rig 1/31/2009
1131. A Prose Piece As Poetry Eulogizing Dwight Eisenhower 4/7/2008
1132. Rilke's Dictum 7/25/2006
1133. A Mother's Day Approbrium 5/8/2008
1134. Phoo On You Robert Browning! 11/4/2009
1135. Front Page 11/22/2009
1136. One Tortoise's Reflection In Retirement 9/21/2007
1137. 'Pop' My Rock 4/25/2006
1138. Deep Throat - 7 6/2/2005
1139. Autumn Leaves 11/30/2008
1140. Puppy's Arrival Theology 3/10/2012
1141. Meeting Stranger 1/26/2014
1142. American System 4/25/2012
1143. Drinking Water 2/11/2008
1144. God's Sense Of Humor 5/30/2009
1145. Why The World Fears Us As In United States 11/10/2009
1146. Advice To A Poet At His Or Her Beginnings 3/10/2010
1147. On Recalling A Poem 1/28/2008
1148. Ike Receives His Last Salute 3/29/2008
1149. :) Two Young Women Starting Well 5/19/2008
1150. I Was Never Here 4/14/2009
1151. Poets Are - One Line Of Definition 10/13/2008
1152. :) Marriage Anniversary 7/10/2005
1153. :) Advice To A Poet On Witness Of His Attempted Murder* 5/10/2005
1154. The Color Of Grief Is Moist 4/17/2006
1155. John Ciardi's Ghost 4/30/2005
1156. Gandhi 10/14/2005
1157. Here The Poets Sing Together 5/24/2005
1158. Colors Of Darkness 12/14/2005
1159. A Doctor's Advice 3/2/2006
1160. Prose Of Walt Whitman In Support Of The Poemhunter Vision 10/12/2007

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (4/26/2020 4:29:00 PM)

    Bill Grace is wonderful, talented and famous poet who writes beautiful poems basing upon his perception. I know him and I like to read his poems. I have reviewed his poems and found that his poems are rich in social values. Everything he observes keenly. Bill Grace gives wonderful essence to his readers. I am wishing him all the best for his literary perseverance. May God bring happiness for him.

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  • Bill Grace (10/2/2016 6:07:00 PM)

    Marriage Blessing for the Wedding Couple

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  • Lare Austin (2/19/2005 12:21:00 PM)

    Hi your poem 'Poetry As Prayer'...your words tell this so are so many ways writing poetry is so very solitude...but...rewarding...

    Lare Austin

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Best Poem of Bill Grace

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple
So the past can find you
The love you lacked the courage to love
The one who was kind
The one who told truth
The one you want to thank
The one whose feet you would kiss
as contrition and in sorrow
Keep it simple
If you want the past to find you.

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Martyr In 2005

The New York Times informs of the death
Of Mr. Naim Rahim Yacoubi - an Iraqi
Who having cast his vote was killed by
Blast after a successful delivery of tea to election workers.
I would call him brother,
Though we have never met,
And baptize this adoption
With a tear for those of kindred flesh.

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