Bill Grace Poems

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My Mother’s Fierce Wisdom

When Uncle Don wanted to ship me off to boarding school
Despite his great status and being my father’s boss
Mom said: No!
She claimed finances as the rationale

The Last Bullet

At the league meet when Coach handed me the last bullet
I knew I was regarded as lower than whale shit
Having run his system for three seasons and never placed
There was nothing to lose - walking off was not an option

Limits Of A Casa G-D

The outside cat coming into the house
Is always a moment of anxiety for the casa god
Who has noted on more than one occasion
A certain massing of the inside forces

Tracking The Storm

Early morning lightning
Has power I will not dismiss
Counting the storm's movement by its strikes
Three miles, five then seven

Elizabeth Taylor Remembered

I know her only from afar
Her breathing not quite stilled upon the big screen as Cleopatra’s corpse
Her incomparable performance with Burton in “Virginia Wolf”
Drawing on the power of a strange darkness that could only come


The vultures feasted on the carcass all day
The goat that charmed on the church road could not stay

Theological Imperative

the Psalms were good enough for Jesus
So they are good enough for me
Well worth the moment to read daily.

Meditation – Good Friday

In distant lands our youth are slain
At home government grid lock is the game
Wonder at who our true leaders are
Gone the great optimisms of the past

The Decision

The mother holding her child at counter height
Side steps in perfect rhythm
Reviewing thirty one ice cream flavors
Telling that sometimes the decision

Compass Poem #1

Love your life
Even if you must search to find it
Richard Bach owned an airplane
Even when he was broke.