Bill Grace Poems

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The Death Of Our Corgi – Sandy

He did not want to die
Two vets, the loss of his back legs, the growing ulcer,
His inability to join us in the family living area,
After almost ten months of heroics

Confession To Jung

In my soul less and less of fright
Less inclination to strike against perceived night
Learning to live beyond or better with anxiety
A collective lure of buried lights

Sometimes Something Fragile Is Lost

When something fragile is lost
You don’t know how to count the cost
You just know that it is gone
That others can not even hope to sing your song

Trucks In Susan B. Komen Pink

When the burly owner of the company
Lost his mother to cancer
He kept his vow and painted his trucks pink
I doubt it hurt business a bit

Sphen’s Worthless Degree

According to the Yahoo article
Horticulture is the third most useless degree
Sphen spent his life making the school grounds beautiful
Gave my first course in aesthetics without a word

In Extremis A Lesson

With the urine and lightly shit stained carpets
From the front door we built a sort of run way to the grass
One day I screamed and struck across pointing ears
That was before the secret of cat food was discovered

Name On The Wall

Staying in the Navy Lodge
There was the poster of a close up – a portion –
Of the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall
I looked for my name

Fighting With Wife

In fighting with wife
I've noticed the strife
Simply kicks everything else to hell.

Thirty Two Years

In the great cafeteria behind the Samson size pillars
I eat ice cream and write
The therapist has informed me
My daughter has learned guerilla warfare from me

First Water

As we are dust
The first water of the day is not necessarily the best
Yet critical to all that will come
An anchor to help us against wind