Bill Grace Poems

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Requiescat In Pace - Valentine

Cruising around the World Wide Web
Checking on who was stealing poetry
On the Russian site I noticed on the side column
'The Sea'

Archive Concern

Bob Whelan's Rules For A Teenage Daughter

1. Dad is always right. Dad is always wrong.
2. Dad is very loveable.
3. Love, love and puppy chow!
4. Spoil them and they will be picky about boys.

On Being A Reverend

I only use the title on the most starchy of occasions
Or when desperate to convey some semblance of propriety,
Or talking long distance with a bad connection or scared.
Hollywood does not like us

Settled Down

When thingss settle down
I always seem to drift towards poetry.
The tock of clock calls to me
Money and its problems are still there

Saint Paul And The Emperor

Even as emperor I do not understand
It is all too crazy!
Something about eating the flesh of one who lives
A God come to earth I can handle

A Poem A Day For The Religious

A poem a day
All I have to say
From century's two third years
Upon this planet of tears

Padre Island National Sea Shore

The beach births relics
Happy flesh walks by
They signal the end of our stay
The waves sing their shore meeting chorus

On A Potential Placement Of My Papers

If it is true that Harvard/Andover will welcome my papers
I repent of any more poems being written upon cheap paper
Suspect Mother, though dead, must be rejoicing that at last I am in
This venerable institution (Harvard) which she said

Protest Over Two Words

The newspaper is clever:
'Who will be the top beagle? '
Is the front page question
The photograph of beagles in competitive queue accompanies.