Bill Grace Poems

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A Poet's Poem On Christmas Eve – 2011

I wish that poetry could help me see
Life’s situations with a little more clarity
Those moments when I go red – if not voice violent - hot
So that in the predicament I’d find a more calm and gentle spot

888 - I - Can - Sue

"Love You"

Trips have always been the time of emotion
The first kiss was seeing you off to some place
Neither trip nor location was dangerous
But travel is always uncertain, and -

Night Flight

The tapestry of light passes beneath our wing
The wing dips left and right
Sun intimates her breaking presence
Daughter plays games beside me

New York Night Fire

Trying To Understand Texas

Black Bean Beef

On a rare and expansive moment
I discovered black bean beef
And at this locale pronounce it good
Despite wife's disdain

One Poem A Day

One poem a day
Demonstrates plenty to say.

A Poem A Day

A poem a day
Enough to say
What little truth
My life has found.

Preparing For T.V.

On the morning you prepare for T.V.
If post pubescent male
You must shave three times
Each blade finer than the next