Bill Grace Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Discovering Luigi Cherubini On 9/11’s Tenth

The terrorists were very happy with bringing hell to earth
The Chaplain so depressed his General injected consolation
So when the devils did their work so well
Who but God could know that ten years later

On Sandy’s “time”

The animal is not ready to die
I need an “it is ok to let me go”
From him before we kill him.
I have seen the damage to a friend

Four Slender Books Of Poetry

Leo Rockas informed my undergraduate mind
“The Reader’s Digest” was the antithesis
Of what I had to learn to strive for in his class,
The noble professor was of course correct.

After Shocks

This thing that moved Japan five feet
Has moved the world to more than prayer
When keeping the old car running
With an installation of wiper blades in Texas

Burning Love Letters A Conjecture

I have read of those who burn their letters
Perhaps at death or verge of war or other extremis
I can only conjecture as one
Who never fully found communion with a woman

Four Bibles

Four Bibles have been given over time
Each one was gift
Though better at listening than in my youth
At age I wonder

Ma Bailey And The Nickel Coke


Little Life Event

Daughter requests chauffering to school
After the school run the donut boy is fun
Understands “the big decision” of a chocolate donut
The little girl next to me spills her milk

Quote From A T Hirt