Bill Grace Poems

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Advice To A Poet At His Or Her Beginnings

Ignore the frumps who will kill you before you start:
The English teacher who shrugs at your first piece
The editors who judge
The great poverty and lack of money of the task

Breakfast At La Madeleine

McNay days almost always start
With breakfast at La Madeleine
A chance to start the day a lettle better
The dance of fireplace flame

On Care And Currency

What if the currency were care?
French fries at McDonalds done,
In the smallest quantity conceivable.

Lesson From Robert Frost’s “fire And Ice”

A Doctor's Advice

Our lives are driven things
But not driven well
When we neglect the vehicle's maintenance
A simple reality

Here The Poets Sing Together

The net has united what civil commerce could not join -
Frost laboring twenty years for a two bill tip
No wonder there was a darkness to his soul,
For isolation was his true reward and punishment.

Colors Of Darkness

I come with pen Lord
As some saint of old would pray
Hear dog and furnace
In the bastion of the night

:) Marriage Anniversary

The hoopla is gone
The guests went so long ago
That now we bring our child to them
And count leaving 'Leapster' as a sin

Tv Cognoscente

Charley Rose I like you
TV cognoscente
And enjoy your public struggles
With the dark sides of the force