Bill Grace Poems

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Compound Kid

The cute young woman in her Honda
Does not think of her gated community
As a compound, a.k.a. ‘the Kennedy compound’
I can not read her mind

The Function Of Religion

The function of religion
Is to save us from ourselves.

How To Bake A President

Start with two parents who have a sense of destiny denied
Add one child or nine as with the Kennedy’s
Gently fold in years of education be it formal or informal
Remember Lincoln birthed the Gettysburg

When Death Comes To Those We Love

When death comes to those we love
It is not the thing of the academic funeral
But force which rips and tears the soul
Requires the ointment of time to heal


Words that buzz through my head
Words my eyes behold
Only sex and ties of love more powerful
Only God more present

Two Post Modern Sales Engaged

There was once a time when a sale was real
When seller and buyer each held their fire
Perhaps not so good a fit if you waited
Today my experience is

Veteran’s Mass With Flowers

In Europe which has suffered much
From the dark side of who we are
They understand the importance of flowers
Their appropriate presentation.

Nothing To Declare

This Veteran's Day - 11/11/11
Nothing to declare!

Carl Jung And Harry Potter In Fantasy

If Carl Jung were with us
Someone would flag Harry Potter for him
I can not conjecture on the books
I see Jung quipping: “Not a bad transformation of my work! ”

Vince Dwyer’s Cigar

Standing on a slight rise
Over the acres of parking lot
Pondering the enigma of auditioning a smart phone
Observing the automobile colors, shapes, owners