Bill Grace Poems

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Lincoln's Greater Gift

Abe Lincoln freed the slaves
But his greater gift was this
For which he paid high price
That he held no fear of truth

Caution To Morning's Fast Risers

A word with you jack rabbitt riser
There have been some studies on extended longevity
It seems there is a pattern to those who break 100
They do not erupt from tender sleep's deep grasp

Suburban Halcyon

Soft air to caress
An orb peels gray
Hedge greens that radiate
Stone mirrors light

:) Crystal Rain

Fine rain caught by spotlight
Freezes silver splinters
Too heavy for the rays to hold
A moment of magic that stands

I Was Never Here

I was never here
An ego in flesh
A little more than a rock
A little less than an angel

Why The World Fears Us As In United States

I was shocked when that distant colleague told me
That the world fears the United States
That conversation at least two if not three wars ago
But I think I understand better the comment today


Dog knows the rules
After the early morning walk
There is to be a biscuit
It is not a reward

:) Poem Of Pure Autobiography

Mother was Presbyterian and Dad Roman Catholic
It took them a silver anniversary to truly bridge the gulf
And I about as long to find my way
With help from Quakers and Unitarians and other

Plug Horse?

:) On Paris Hilton

This Paris Hilton thing makes me sad
So much of it comes from who's her dad
I don't defend actions that we know are bad
But grieve that the lives of the rest of us