Bill Simmons Poems

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Wish Upon A Star

Morning star from where you are
Can you see my tiny heart
From so many
Can you see the only me

The Soldier

As the silence fell, the birds began to sing
The soldier tries to stand on his own
As the blood trickles down his arm he looks and he see's
As he stands, he finds he's all alone

Woman's Heart

Here in this valley
I do stand
As I do, I look around me
I see the green grasses and flowers in bloom

Harvest Moon

Harvest moon, Shining overhead tonight
Guiding my way, shining so bright
Once I knew her love, together we shared your light
But that was before, these tears in my eyes

A Heart's Lie

As he thought to himself about it,
He told his heart
Not to believe what was inside,
When he was through

Unconditional Love

Your puppy licked my hand today
He doesn't know that you are gone
I reached down, he came to me
He ran right into my arms

Beneath The Moon

In the light of the night
The stars out tonight set the mood
I can see her as she stands before me
Beneath the moon

The Misty Rain

Today I stand here all alone in the Misty Rain
Contemplating where it is I went wrong again
And as I stand here all alone I realize on my own
Tears that fall aren't hidden at all in the Misty Rain

Loves Me , Loves Me Not

I counted all the petals
Of a rose today
Loves me, loves me not
I was let down

The Alamo

With his finger on the trigger
He pulled the hammer down
He waited for the orders
From the Colonel to come around