Bill Simmons Poems

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Have You Ever Seen A Falling Star

Have you ever seen a falling star
As it streaks across the sky
Among the heavens in the night
Like a heartache that passes by


Wars are fought and men have died
Some were lost and some survived
And all for the right for you to choose,
They were just like you and I

Red High Heels

I hear someone coming
I’ve heard that sound before
I can hear her high heels
Walking to my door

Welcome Home Soldier

Coming home, so many beside me
But so alone
So many friends that helped to guide me
Now on my own

The Lone Survivor

Somewhere in the pacific
Is a tiny raft that floats
Where the strength and will of one to live
Hangs on within this boat

Shot Heard Around The World

He poured in the powder
Dropped in that musket ball

The Rapper (Rap Song)

I love a good rap like any poor sap
But let me tell you so
You got a hot date don't let your mama take
When it comes the time to go

The Thanksgiving Turkey

I was down at cousin Jeffery’s for Thanksgiving
Now I have heard some fables
But when I walked in I rubbed both my eyes
There was a live turkey sitting at the end of the table

Cross My Heart

Cross my heart, hope not to cry
Memories they flutter by
I remember you and I
Once upon a time in our lives

Two Hearts Beating

Two hearts beating
Feel her breath
Fingertips they meet
As you caress