Billy Hutson

Biography of Billy Hutson

So strange being young and care-free. Living in a cartoon world, your reality a playground, doing things deemed dangerous, or otherwise embarassing, never fearing the consequences or even alarmed of another's opinion. Shit man, conquer the world while you can. Because your only young once then - WHAM! - one day your old! : (

Growing up never seemed so grim. I've realized that life only flows in one direction, and right now, at this very moment I'm the farthest away from death I'm ever going to be. I never liked the idea of fate, I didn't like the thought of someone choosing my life for me, but lately it's the only thing that seems real. Updates

Choking Boy

I met fate as a small child
He was the same height as me

With eyes bright enough to burn me
He spoke a song in a soft voice

We shook hands and parted ways
But something tells me

That he never left.

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