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1081. Life 12/7/2015
1082. Despair 12/6/2015
1083. Unrequited 12/8/2015
1084. A Sad Vision 12/6/2015
1085. The Orphan 11/5/2015
1086. The Storm 11/21/2015
1087. Life Of A Dog 11/20/2015
1088. The Observant Girl 11/5/2015
1089. Rekindling The Flame 10/31/2015
1090. Poem 172 12/3/2015
1091. The Mountain Of Life 12/6/2015
1092. The Rainbow 11/8/2015
1093. Poem 913 12/27/2015
1094. Poem 602 11/12/2015
1095. Breaktime 10/20/2015
1096. Poem 752 10/31/2015
1097. A Lost Love 10/18/2015
1098. The Silent Old Man 10/21/2015

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Best Poem of Billy Loving

The Silent Old Man

Body bent and twisted
Gnarled fingers gripping his cane
Face weathered with age
An old man enters the bar
Perching himself upon the barstool
Ordering a drink from the bartender
Silently he sips one after another
As the time ticks away
Glazed eyes staring into nowhere
I watched expectantly
If only, his mind I could read
What magnificent stories would lie within?
Too late, I'll never know
As he wobbles out the door
Disappointedly, I take a gulp
And think of what might have been

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Poem 1075

Rainbow stretching down
As the rain begins to cease
And the sky brightens
A familiar, welcomed friend
That fills my heart with much joy

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