Billy Simani

Rookie [The King of Modern Day Poetry] (8th December 1987 / Nairobi, Kenya)

Biography of Billy Simani

Billy Simani poet

Born Billy Simani on 8th December 1987, Nairobi Kenya. He is currently the winner of the poetry contest 'Bringin' out the ' thees and thous! ' sponsored by Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly on poetry soup.
Also his poem, 'Awars Winning Poem' became the featured poem of the week on Poetry Soup.

Billy Simani's Works:

The Mockingbird Bill Updates

Psychotic Maniac

Beware of the house of pain,
Madness rains on you like rain,
Don't call out my name in vain,
Lest they think you are insane,
Psychotic maniac,

And don't call me a maniac,
I love girls; am a nymphomaniac,
It's this voices inside my head; kleptomaniac,

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