Billy Thompson

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Biography of Billy Thompson

I am a budding poet, however, I have been a 'writer' my entire life. I also enjoy drawing with pen, pencil and ink. I think of myself as artistically inclined. I am very serious about family, anything political that effects day to day life of everyone. I am passionate, honest to a fault, but never rude intentionally. I attempt to treat people as I would like to be treated. I can not resist an opportunity to help anyone under any legal and sane situation. I love animals, nature and physical activity. I am a DAV (Disabled American Veteran) , however it is of no hinderance. As a consequence of my Military Service, I stayed in Sarpy County, Nebraska, the place of my base where I reside in a bedroom community called Papillion. I use to love it here, however now I hate it. I lone for my family in Memphis. School and job force me to just imagine what going home would be like. Business Administration is my forte' which led me to 'think' I could own and run a neighborhood bar. After three years, I decided to quit pretending I was 'eventually' going to turn a profit. I really miss that bar though. I was in an automobile accident October 2004, where I substained neck, knee and suffer from a herniated disc that I now requires surgery. I am so afraid. That is the story of my life. A life that lives me.

Billy Thompson's Works:

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Lost In The Middle

Loud and constant are the screams
The scream's origin tears at the soul
Power's endurance is too strong
Yet the wisdom to prevent remains inhaled

Inaction appears as cowardice
Remaining detached honors past wishes
Underminding was never the intent
Intervention wreaks havoc for all

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