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The Meaning Of Life

Meaning of Life
Why you get your life to live?
This life is less to live because many
Problems are arising like world war and many
More like Corona, they killed many
People's and many animals so
Till this life take a breath and do so
Good works feel as you were to so
Going to die so be clever about life so
Help people by giving them money to.
As well as food, clothes and do
Cares of them show as you were living too
For them, nobody others can help beside you
So to be a great hero this time is giving you
Opportunity, so grab it and run fast
You have done many kinds of mistakes at last
Time of your life so to purify them now not in last

Time to the people if you will don't take care
You will take care of them, who will care
Them, they are very much helpless and poor, rare
Them, go it is time, this time is coming in a
Million of years, if you have breath and a
Life do these things, if you don't do all
These things you will be a villian and fall
Down character, so if you have life all
People will be helped by you prove to all
So, that you can be a great man for those
So, you can do it go it is your turn to those
Care, love, rare them so God will be happy to those.

Un Known People
You work for others but they don't remember to you
You care and love others but they don't care to you
You think always good thoughts about them but they,
Don't think good thoughts about you instead they
Feel jealous about you instead well thoughts they,

Don't pray for you but you will pray to them
You will help them without any things you
Dedicate your life to them you love you,
Give all happiness to them but you
Don't get happiness in your self,

You always serve to others
But who serve to others
Instead you, you
Are unknown,
Man to all
You ‘re dot.

. Birds
Birds you fly in the sky
Birds you are free in the sky
Birds you don't have any kinds of pain
Birds you fly and travel to the places and in rain
This ground could not harm you, you are good birds

Birds you build nest at different trees and in secret place
Birds you will take care your baby's very much politely
And honestly You will feed and care to them, you will
Die for them you will fly to far places to collect foods you will
Be good father and mother birds you are best and you will

You protect yourself and your baby you will produce
Different kinds of sounds, and you will sing a song
You produce beautiful sounds and beautiful tones you sing
You search for waste as well as good foods here and there
Bird you are beautiful and you have happiness and freedom.


Magic creates you magic rear you
Magic gives you different time to you,
You can know the things from the magic
You can laugh and cry due to the magic,

To make you laugh by seeing the wonderful
Things you cry by seeing death and problems,
You are the player of the magic game called problems
And your life, it depends upon how would you

Handle this magic by killing people or
By helping the poor people all have
This kinds of magic capacity they have

Some show this magic in Singing
Some show this magic in dancing
Some show in sports some in other thing
You are a powerful magician realise these thing.

Know your limitations and know your power
The plat form is some will get but some will
Not get but if you don't get plat forms also
You are the hero for your self you don't also

Need to expose yourself because you are also
Hidden hero or magician, so all living beings
Have this magic, like humans, trees, and animals,
Don't feel sad be happy in what you have.

Hollow Man
I am nothing, you are nothing,
I don't earn any things and you earn something,
You have luxurious things but I don't have any thing,
You enjoy in your wealth, but I don't enjoy at any such things,
You can full fill your dreams and desires there is no any things,

You can't buy and do, but I cannot buy one needle also,
But also you were not happy with your things also,
I have nothing but also I could be happier than you,
Don't show your status and your things, you,
Are a big zero and I am too a big zero,

You have dominate and hate other people don't be hero,
Because I know as well how to make a hero a zero,
We have nothing that is in our name,
This life is also not ours written to our name,
You are hollow man and I am also hollow man, name,

Beside your name is hollow so this things know always,
If you are my father than I am your grandfather here always,
In this things, you have nothing which is yours for always,
Know these things, so that you could be happier in your life, man
You are also hallow man and I am also hallow man.

Time Traveller

I can go to the past and I can saw my mistakes,
I can go to the present and I can saw my mistakes,
I can go to the future and I can saw my mistakes,
I can go to the correct my all falls and mistakes,
But, I can't correct my mistakes,

When I tried to change my mistakes I make more,
Just like as in 11/22/63 and in Times Arrow I can't do more,
While I tried to do such thing like changing history all my,
Present will be bad, there will arise a new kinds of problems,
In the time where I will become bad boy and give pain,

If I changed that time and make good work then I could not,
Please any one and make every one happy then I can't,
Make one man also happy just at in Father Son and Donkey,
When I tried to left my earth like in Sailing to Byzantium,
There I will get some happiness for little time but,

In reality I have to live in the earth,
I saw the dream like Last Voyage of The Ghost Ship,
Then just like there I saw different kinds of ships,
From my all efforts also I couldn't correct my mistakes,
I just become a Wretch Stone, I am statue I only can watch my mistakes,

My heart will be The Heart of Darkness from these,
You may be curious about me what a big mistakes, I have done,
But to tell you it is not big, I have kill dog and kill birds and insects, it is gone,
I have steal the things and hurt the feelings of people,
I do these kinds of mistakes because I was materialistic person,

But now, I get knowledge and I don't like wealth so I realized my mistakes,
Nobody comes and tell me you are nothing, a dot, you came naked,
And you will go naked, physical things are nothing,
But from my knowledge I know and I became aware of such things,
I become like character of Vagabond and I try to escape from my problems,

So, from time travelling I could get certain happiness but it was not also for forever,
I learn that you can' correct your mistakes,
From the first, before doing we should think,
But to surrender yourself is best to realize your mistakes,
So, your pain will be little bit reduced,
You can't change the time in reality from time travelling.


Why do Soldier get terrific life,
They can't live like free people, life
Is very much threatened and fearful
Who will much love and care to
Them they live the family and to
Sacrifice their life for the country
What can a country can give to them
They have their own problems and pains with them,
I would like to give my lots of love
And best wishes to them such love
Can't give them by the country
Country will only use them country

Can't reward and honour them
You are the forms of god's to
Help, save people and county
Congratulations! For your work for the country
You are the best saver and protector to us
We always care, love and wish healthier life to you
You are better than other people you taught only you
Taught me to be patient and to be good hearted like you
Thank you my words can't express love towards you,
I am a soldier.

There will be different time in different,
Context it depends on social, cultural,
Political, Economic factors you cannot,
Create your context, if people could,
Create it they will always keep as they could,
Like good all the above factors and good lifestyle,
When we observe historical context there are,
Also both the good and bad things in life,

Birth of many God's like Jesus Christ,
Gautam Buddha and they help to spread,
The englightement and they made that time,
Very much good so, it also depends upon your time,
Background, all the things which mades you the good,
Man as well as a bad man, like Hitler he killed many good,
People life is not the drama to create context but to be good,
Context changes according to the time.

Why do people show status?
I don't know what they thought of us,
They thought they are richer then us,
And we are poor in front of them,
They travel in the cars, but we walk,
They eat at golden plate but we,
Eat at leaf plate, they wear gold,
And diamonds, but we wear sacks,
Cothes, they eat delicious foods,
But we eat rotten foods,
They bath at hot and clean water
But we bath at polluted water,

We are happier in this our life,
But you seems you were not happier at Your life,
You need more luxury in Your, life but
We don't need any luxury in our life,
We have nothing we know these,
But you know you have all things of this world,
We can die happily because we have nothing,
You cannot die happily because he you want to carry your all things.
So, what are you going to prove with these meaningless status,
We think you were englihtement from today,
Because we answer you in a very polite way,
What is status now to you?
Your answer may be nothing are equal.

. Stars
How beautiful stars you are,
You makes the surrounding beautiful,
You makes sky like a heaven,
You live for many years and you die,
You are made up of different gases,

You are yellow fire's colour,
You sometimes move from one place to another,
I saw you moving and I wish secret thing,
You twinkle, like heaven's thing
O stars, stars how beautiful you are.

I am at meditation feeling nothing,
In the absolute nothing,
I can travel any where in my imagination
I can control my senses, in imagination,
When negative things disturbs my vision,
I get positive thoughts there,
I want to get, enlightenment here,
I am at unconscious from this word

I can travel in any space and in any time
Nothing of the word can disturbs me
This five elements of earth could not,
Do any thing to me because I can control
Them, like a God I am in meditative fowl,
Many years but I know what is happening in,
The world from my meditation,
I am at meditation,
only meditation.

Castle In The Air
I am at the building in the air,
It is made up of diamond and silver,
It twinkles, from any places, rivers,
There is no any expensive thing then this building
In the world this is a heaven,
There are all the things for men,
All the wishes are fulfilled there by only,
Imagination this is a God,

My mind is dreaming these castle,
My mind is awake but it is absent in the dream,
I awake and I feel very much good in the dream,
I don't want to come back from that dream,
I like that building in my dream I could imagine,
Such beautiful incident in my life,
Like in Kubla Khan,
This is a castle in the air.

I have depression of sprits,
I can see sprits are walking, and talking sprits,
I am not in this world but I am in the another world,
I see there are sadness and pain,
I cannot think, now in the pain,
My mind cannot function here,
I can't talk to my family and to my friends,
I want to be a normal person,
But from my hardest efforts also I cannot,
Be at my normal condition my friends are not,
Telling me you are at depression from outside,
But I can't hear or feel such things,
I travel beyond the world,
They call me mad,
But I don't understand,
I am now at melancholy.

I am awake but I dream disturbing illusions,
My consciousness cannot work here,
Ghost comes and threatens there,
Sometimes snakes comes, sometimes creatures there,
Dead zombies comes there,
I am awake but I am absent there,
I saw hallucinations in awake,
I am in the state of abnormal consciousness,
My mind is out of my body,
My sense becomes absent,
I can't tolerate in this with tact,
Who will listen to my pain,
Only my infected mind,
But also it could not guide and help me,
I am lost, I am lost,
I am at the oneirism.

Imagination is higher then the truth,
I am at fancy,
I imagine one girl at fancy,
Suddenly, by coincidence! there I saw beautiful girl,
Who is naked and very beautiful like Helen girl,
I look at her and my eyes don't blink,
God's also cannot escape from girl's, blink,
Beauty so, I also cannot escape,
I like to make love with her,
By her consult,
But I also fear that if she insult,
If any body was there in her life,
Her body was slim and her face was,
So, beautiful then any world girls,
I tongue cannot explain all,
Her beauty, I am at fancy.

I saw a mirror and I saw reflection of myself,
I am good in real but at my reflection myself,
I saw I was bad, I rape girl,
Theft and killed people,
For property, I do any sorts of things,
I destroy the houses I become,
Second Hitler,
Bigger and bad as first Hitler became,
In reality I become conscious,
I was like Jesus Christ I work for people,
I want welfare and happiness of the people,
I will sacrifice my life for people,
I am greater then the Jesus Christ,
I am excellent and perfect man,
At last my mind thinks I should,
Become good which was taught by my reflection.

I am at fiction I am the character,
I have truth and knowledge inside my character,
I am the hero of the fiction,
My aim is to give voice to the voiceless,
I want to win villian,
And established the truth,
I may be Gatsby or Hamlet,
I may at any fiction,
In my imagination to give justice,
Knowledge is God and God is knowledge,
To the people, and society for collage,
I may face tragedy in my life,
But also for knowledge,
For the people, if they got,
Awareness from my imagination they got,
I should imagine and use my fiction.


I am daydreaming,
I am at heaven in day dreaming,
I become God,
I can control Universe,
And it's people,
I can read the minds,
I know all the things,
I am the master of all,
I can stop the earth from moving from my call,
I can stop air, water and fire all,
I am creator, bearer and destroyer,
I am omnipotent, omnipresent, omnicompetent,
I can make day to night and night to day,
I can change the character, and setting,
Of this world, I am God I set,
I am daydreaming, I am daydreaming.


I am at coma, I am a statue,
My brain works for sometimes,
But my brain stops at sometimes,
I heard the sounds and foot steps,
Of the people, but I can't response,
To them I can only sometimes,
Can response to the sounds,
But nobody knows my response,
Doctor uses electroencephalography,
To record activity, neural function of the cells,
They are placing electrodes on my head for cells,
They think I can awake from 24 hours,
By doing all the process,
All are hoping for my life back from me,
But God is not in the favour of me,
I am at coma unconscious, way.


I am at trance when?
I don't know
I can't hear and response to any things, I know,
I am at the trauma,
I can't control my mind's action in the trauma,
I am suffering from depression,
And I suffer a lot in my life,
I can listen to dead body,
I am seem as asleep,
I am half sleep,
I don't know where am I,
Who am I, I am nobody, I.....
I can't remember anything,
What is happening to me?
I can't remember the incident,
I am in the trance.


I saw a very frightening dream,
In the dream there was dead bodies,
And people are carrying that bodies to the graveyard,
All the people are wearing white dress,
And it was in the time of midnight, I was serious,
In my real life I have already seen,
And gone to graveyard myself to see,
At that time I was not much afraid,
Because I thought it was the nature's rule,
And some devils were carrying the soul of that bodies,
To the hell, because they were bad men,
And in the dream I frightened too much,
I thought I am also dying and they will carry,
My soul also like that, I have heard and read about,
Many kinds of witches, and ghost, but I thought,
There was also connection between them.

Absent Mindedness
I am presence or absence I don't know,
I am in consciousness or unconsciousness,
I don't know, I don't know,
I am alone, I don't know my way,
I am tired, and I don't have any energy,
My mind is not present in a normal way,
So, mind is the King of body,
Without King, the warriors,
Cannot win the battle of life,
I can't do anything, I am a dead body,
Dead body can't wake up to start new life,
That is only possible in one way,
I should be like God Jesus Christ,
Why did God gives life and takes life,
I will die and ask to God, I will die and ask to God.

The Power Of Art
The art is not only in the writing,
But the experience of the life is also art,
Writer brings the different context,
Life social, political, economical aspects,
Writer is the greatest healer of any diseases,

Writer imagines the physical world
As well as metaphysical world,
In the physical world the writer brings the ideas of our world,
Like as love, hate, theft, marriage,
Death, wars, racism, rights and justices,

Which will lake in our society,
In the meta physical world writer
Imagines the different world,
Writes travels there in the form of characters
He also made compel to travel for readers,

Writer sometimes becomes frustrated
Of this world and he travels in imaginary world,
In there all the things are possible like
As flashback, stream of consciousness, time travelling, reborn,
The animals are personified there so

Animals can talk like human beings,
The writer gives justice to the animals from
This their pain are shown there,
Writer always gives the voices
To the voiceless and marginal people,

Art can heal the pain
Because many people were victims of psychological diseases,
For psychological diseases people need happiness
And joy in their life it will,
Only be possible from laughter and comedy forms of writing,

Art has the quality of imagination
From this imagination all the real and unreal,
Things are possible in the art,
Imagination is higher than the
Truth all the things are coming from unconscious mind in the art,

The letters becomes powerful words
And from these combination
Of the words writer uses his imagination and starts to write,
He uses his tact there he forms such kinds
Of sentences which gives very much deep meaning,

Dead man can stand from listening
To erotic body of Helen or other girls,
Art is not only writing and
Reading any things of this world could be connected to arts,
Art represents truth and reality,

Art gives moral lessons from its form
Art can be expand like as rubber, fiction is fictious,
In the world all things depend on writing,
From ancient time to modern time.
What is art it is hard to tell because it doesn't have

Any boundary, there are aesthetic, romantic,
Surrealism, modern and
Post modern arts are created,
At first people started to write in sculpture by stones,
later they wrote from

Feather by using liquid of plants at
That time they do painting in stones,
Later only they developed the pen and ink then there
Was produced of arts works, more then that with the genres,
Books developed and art works also

Developed like poem, story, novel, drama,
Etc their all aim is for enlightenment the people,
Now at the post modern time the time changes and
Life styles of people also changes,
That art works can't show their power,

Because art is beauty and beauty is
Truth people don't follow the knowledge,
But some how who are serious of art for them
It worked as healing powers of each and every things,
There is decolonization of art

One art world crosses the world,
Art is vase and vase which never finishes,
When death of author, birth of reader like famous
Man told, when writer will die reader
Reproduce that art, this is the power of art.

What is romance?
Why did people need it?
How can people becomes happier from that?
I search and search I search and search,
I read and learn from my life,
It is a spiritual and true love,
Which can provide happiness,
And freedom to our life,

We can do true love,
And spend our life in romance,
Like a romance of Romeo and Juliet,
Like Titanic or any other,
Let's do true love and get romance in,
Our life, let's do romance.

House you gives shelter to living beings,
House is needed in our life,
Without house where we can live,
House protects us from heat and cold,
House saves our life,
What can we give to our house,

House you are in different shapes and sizes,
House you are patience and honest,
House thank you for saving and loving,
For us so much house you are the,
Form of the God, house you are sweet,
Thank you house for loving us.

The Power Of Dream

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs,
But she dreams to become a successful in the sports,
She became fourth in Junior Olympic games by her efforts,

Steven Hopkins get many problems,
But he never lose a hope,
While totally paralyzed also,
He dream and create many discovery in his life,
He is famous now and he motivated us to never lose hope in our life,

Albert Einstein tells imagination is every thing,
He tells everyone is a genius, imagination is every thing,
It is a preview of life's coming attractions,

From this also we know the role of,
Unconscious, imagination or dream,
Is how much important in our life,
Imagination is more important than Knowledge,
Knowledge is limited,
Imagination encircles the world,

ST. Coleridge wrote the poem Kubla Khan
By taking Affin so, in the dream,
He travels in different places in this poem,
So, there is good use of unconscious mind,

Sigmund Freud coined the term
Dream and he brings psychoanalysis
Theory which more talks about our Unconscious mind,
Later he that become Oedipus complex,

Odeipus Rex was brought by Sophocles,
In their he saws dream and how
It worked truth in a real life,
To find truth, creativity is necessary,

William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet,
In there also Hamlet sees murder of
His father,
There is tragedy,
All are bad alone with girls,

Martin Luther King wrote I Have A Dream
In which he wants to end civil rights and racism in United States,
His ideas were regarded great at the time,

William Blake wrote The Sick Rose in
Which unconscious desire is Expressed in the dream,
Beautiful rose is destroyed by the worm,
Girl's virginity is gone by evil boys action

Newton sees apple falling and he
Creates law of attraction theory,
From just imagining that apple,
If he didn't dream or imagine,
He can't be a great man,

Right Brother sees birds in the sky
And he dreams and imagine
About flying, finally they built,
Aeroplane which flies like a bird,
In the sky,
These are the power of dream in the Literature,
Which taught us how much
Imagination and dream is needed in our life,
Actually this is the power of dream.

I am at coma,
I am a statue,
Time changes you change your position,
Time changes I am like statue,

You can fulfill your dream,
But I am a stone,
I am a parasite,
I want to do sucide,

But my mind can think different imaginations,
And those make me alive,
Mind is God, not a body,
I learn, I learn.

Teacher is a God,

Teacher is a light,

Teacher has knowledge,

Teacher has the truth,

Teacher is the life giver,

Teacher gives the medicine of all the diseases,

Teacher is creator, bearer and destroyer,

Teacher is in you and you are the result of teacher,

Teacher is more valuable then me in my life,

Happy teachers day.

Peace is only in a date,
But peace is out of date,
There is war and diseases, Here and there, far and near

There is the peace day declared,
But in that day robbery, murder, rape occurs,
The peace is like God omnipresent,
Omnicompetent, omniscient, but people are running to search for here and there,

Peace, peace, peace peace, Where are you?
We are waiting for you, We can't live without you
Come and give us your peace
Come on make us happy,
Erase our tension and diseases,
Make us living in a heaven, by you peace
If people want peace they will work to create peace,
If they didn't want they bring wars, And corruption and any illegal works in their country.
Give your peace to us we beg to you.

Friends are together forever,
They don't left each other at any time,
They share their happiness and sadness with each other,
They share all the secret things to each other
They never becomes selfish and cruel there,
They are always kind and gentle,
They passes all the time by caring each other
They are spiritually connected,
They never become sad with friends,
They spend and give any valuable time in their each other life,

They travel with each other,
They eat and sleep with each other,
They solve the problems by helping each other in any difficulties,
Friends are greater then parents greater than God's,
Friends are better than this
Materialist wealth,
Wealth finishes after certain time,
But their bond of love will never finish,
If they are separated then their sprits can know,
All the feelings of their friends,
Their friendship can't be bought by wealth,
This is because it is free of cost,

They never left friends alone,
Friends will make each other happier,
Friends trust and believe each other,
Better than anyone in this world,
Friends wants to stay together for forever,
If times separates them they don't forgot each other,
They have history of bonding in home, school, college.

Right To Live
You have equal right to live in any,
Places where you like, in desert or house,
In your mother land or in foreign land,
You will dominates and hates you let's see,
You may be beggar, woman, orphan old, animal,
You have your equal rights to live,

This is post modern age not Mediaeval, Renessia,
All the living souls are equal according to,
Their freedom and choice, their belief and values,
Why you are hating, dominating, discriminating them why?
What will you get from doing this? Why?


The horse don't do infidelity to it's master,
Whether the master may be farmer or warrier,
The horse always shows its loyalty to save him from the danger,
In the trozen war hero's win the wars by hiding in the wooden horse,

Horse carries the loads and it runs as the command in the danger,
Many people kept horse mostly King's,
To win the battle because it never betrays it's master,
Horse is kind and gentle animal,

Horse is very faithful and obedient,
In Stopping By Woods On a Evening
Robert Frost forgets times and enjoys,
In the nature but his horse shake a bell,
Showing the delay of the time and telling they should went very far,

This shows horse is faithful, loyal and honest animal,
People can do infidelity in the modern time,
But horses never do infidelity in their life,
Any way horse want to see happiness of his master.

Nostalgia of Childhood

I look upon the streets below
And spy my friends at play
I dive and dip and twirl around,
As they watch in awe and wave,

I feel so giddy, light and free,
The sun so warm and bright,
I think that I shall fly all day,
And catch a star at night.

When The Sunn Rose I Rose Too

When sun rose, before that I rose,
And I waited for sun to rise and I see,
It, it is beautiful, I wish it will,
Never finished, the sun taught me,
A moral lesson that by burning within,

He gives happiness to living beings,
Who cares about difficulties and burden of the sun,
Sun you makes me like you that,
Always helping others and doing our,
Work every day on time.

When hero and heroine separates,
The heart of heroine breaks down,
She can't control her feelings and emotions and starts to cry,
Hero also cannot leave heroine,

To save the life of the people he should left heroine,
He saves many life's of people and also his heroine,
But in doing so he can't save himself,
If we can imagine he was saved there,
The story can't be tragedy, with full of essence,
Tragedy is better than comedy, to know life and it's difficulties.

Boys are brave,
They don't fear,
They face the,
Difficulties and the
Danger, but girls also face,
But boys more suffer then girls,

You may say girl also become,
Pregnant and gave birth,
That was the great things,
Boy can hide their feelings and emotions,
Because they never trust any body,

They think and think,
Think and think,
The difficulties and problems,
And they tried to solve problems,
By themselves they don't,
Want to give any pain to any one,

They want to tolerate in their whole life,
Girl also face but girl can't keep that pain,
For a long time, after sometime,
They will tell that things to their near ones,
But also they are not the wrong,
Their is saying that boy never cry,
They are strong and brave,
Girl's are weak and they cry
But this is not true some how only,

Boy wanted to depend on girl,
In their life, they can't live alone,
Girl also need the support of boy,
If they both are together there,
Is the love and world they can hold,

They both are equal,
Two wheels of cart,
The love between them God make,
They can help and care both,
They are boy and girl.

Boy is incomplete without girl,
Boy is looking for girl,
Now, with their power and efforts,
They can win the world.
Now they can hold Corona and world wars.

They call me mad boy,
They call me foolish boy,
They shout on me,
How is these imagination possible,
You are making castle in the air,

But I don't answer to them,
But reality of imagination I only know,
Imagination is higher than the truth,
Everything is made up of imagination
Weather in writing or in Universe.

Who are thief?
Why did they theft homes?
The answer may be they are orphans,
They don't have parents,
They don't get proper care,
They want to survive in any way,
By hook or by crook,
Nobody helps them,

There will left only,
One option to become the thief,
It is good or bad you decide,
They can do the good works also,
But nobody gives jobs for them,
So, they are thief.

Nepal is my country which is very beautiful,
There are many religions and cultures,
There are many beautiful temples,
Gumba's and monastery's there are,
There regions mountain, hill and terai,

In mountain there is cold, there are snows,
In hills there is moderate climate, the land is good here,
In the terai the climate is hot and land is plain.
I like my country very much,
We are Nepali we have hospality behaviour.

I like dog very much,
My favourite animal is dog.
I have also one dog,
I play, I laugh, cry with my dog,
I love my dog very much,
My dog also loves me,

He greets me and sits near to me,
He is my friend,
He can't speak but,
But he knows my pains and happiness,
I love my dog very much,
Dog I can't live without you.

Technology is like human beings,
Technology gives any things which we want,
Without technology we can't progress in our life,
Weather the things in the world,
Or, in solar system we can know from technology,

We can pass our time easily by using technology,
We can watch movies, play games, fly,
And do anything from this technology,
So, technology is a God who saves and cares living beings,
Thanks for technology for making our life better.

L - ove me as never other people did,
O - outstanding beautiful you are,
V - alleys are there let's go to the date,
E - njoy with me in a one chance of your life.

C - louds you are made up of water,
L - et makes us also like you,
O - ther things you don't want,
U - mbrella we want because of rain,
D - on't worry clouds will gives rains for us in hot,
S - ources of rivers, streams, you are clouds you are beautiful.

When I will be ninety, I may be old,
I may lost my energy,
May be I will needed a wheelchair,
This is because my all organs don't work,
May be I need a help to live in my life,

But also I will never lose hope,
In my life, I will remember,
My all child age as well as young and old ages,
At my last breathe, I will take God's name
And I will die, I will die this is the rule of the nature.

I want to become a sage,
Who don't need anything,
Who left the family,
Who left the society,
Who don't need any happiness of life,

Who begs and survives,
Who always think and do welfare of others,
Who always worship God,
Who don't concern any things of this world,
They enlightenment they are sages.

I have many flashback of my life,
Sometimes I become happier,
And sometimes I become sadder,
I can travel beyond time,
I can see things beyond,
If I tell you, you don't believe to me,

I can go to past, present and future,
I can see things,
I can change time, place and country,
I have the power,
Which is given by the God,
Hey come on let's travel at flashback.

American Dream

American dream is life, liberty and prospect of happiness,
But why American's are not happier from their life,
They left the family and collect wealth,
But by getting more, freedom they become bad,
So, there American dream will never makes them happier,

They are running after wealth, and they don't care others,
They are always searching happiness here and there,
For happiness they can do any things,
They are not englightement,
This is the false American dream.

R - ainbow you are beautiful,
A - irs are there besides and within you,
I - ntelligent beautiful you have with your colours,
N - ot on our land we can find such precious thing,
B - ecause of you I become like you,
O - mincemeat art you have,
W - elcome to you in our earth always spread your beautiness here.

Ode To A Child Age

When I saw me in child,
I enjoy and become happier,
I play marbles, I play stickers,
I disobey parents and I want freedom,
I become happier with my friends,

I become nostalgic why God thief my child age,
I fly kites, I fight with my friends,
I burn fires, I become shepherd,
But all the visions are saved in my mind,
I feel bad and ode to a child age.

I want to become hero in my life,
Weather by doing nice works,
Or, by doing multiple works,
I never lose hope in my life,
One day I will become hero in my life,
If not cinema's hero then hero on my other works,
Weather not a rich man, then also rich man on the heart of poor's,
If obstacles and sadness comes in my life,

I will face them, I want to fight with them,
I am not losing any hope in my life,
I am the hero, I am the hero,
I have higher imagination to be a greater man,
To fulfill my aim I am struggling in my life,
Till my last breathe I will fight,
For the country, for the people,
I am the hero, I am the hero.

O my lover I want to say I love you,
I have nothing to give to you,
I have all the material things,
But you will not become happier from that I know,
If I will give you gold and diamond, flat, cars,
You will be happier for the certain time,
But one day you become sad from me,
This is because our heart and mind can't remember always same,
Sometimes they are happier, sometimes they are sad,
You are my lover, so what can I give to you?
This material things are useless,
Girl, let's go to the peaceful place,
And let's talk, lover, o my lover,
You are beautiful, but your beautiness can't work,
In this world let's go to another world,
Girl let's go and live there,
Lover you are my lover.

-© ® Binod Dawadi

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