Birgit Bunzel Linder

Freshman - 526 Points (Oberhausen, Germany)

Biography of Birgit Bunzel Linder

Birgit Linder was born and raised in Oberhausen, an industrial city in the Ruhr Valley. She left Germany in the 1980s, and has since lived in Taiwan, China, America, and now in Hong Kong.
Her life is marked by frequent moves and many travels, and by inscriptions from different places, cultures, and people, which also transpire in her first collection Shadows in Deferment, for which she won the International Proverse Prize for Poetry in 2012. On the one hand, there are rich cultural encounters, attempts at identification, and inscriptions into new cultures and social contexts. On the other, one can discover a certain sense of homelessness and uprootedness. Together, these experiences create the backdrop of a trove of distinctive poetry that often articulates linguistic and spiritual displacement while at the same time offering a sense of and search for a common humanity.
Birgit Linder has previously published poems in Mad Poets Review, Clockwise Cat, Kavya Bharati, Cerebration, International Literary Quarterly, and Asian Cha.

Birgit Bunzel Linder's Works:

Shadows in Deferment Updates

Animus Revertendi

I read it like wine
I recite it like dance
I pirouette around stanzas
I exhale a caesura

I adopt paratactics
I enjamb my breath
I metaphorse lines
I alliterate my tears

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