Bissme bissme

Rookie (Septermber 6,1968 / Kuala Lumpur)

Biography of Bissme bissme

Born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1968, Bissme S is a journalist with theSun newspaper. His articles has won him, two awards in Malaysia. The first award was Best Entertainment piece from Malaysian Press Institute in 1996. The article titled The Unkindest Cut focuses on the local film makers view on censorship. The second award was Trophy Samad Idris from the film body, FINAS in 2001. His article titled Screen Dreams examine the reasons why the local novels are seldom turned into movies so unlike Hollywood. During his free time Bissme S will dabble in writing fiction - poems and short stories.

'As a journalist, I have to deal with the facts and the truths, ' Bissme says. 'To a certain level, the facts and the truths limit my creativity. I can't let my imagination go wild. That could be the main reasons for me to dabble in fiction writing. In fiction, you could be more creative and really let your imagination go wild. Besides I have been writing poems and short story since I was teenager and it is only natural I will continue writing them. ' Updates

Mad _ By Bissme S

Help me
To go mad
So I could
The pain
In My life