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I am an young woman with a positive attitude. I am very excepting of others perceptions and views. I am going to attend college to attain an AA in art then transfer to an Art school in LA. I love paint and sketch as well as write and dance and sing. I write mostly love poems. But I do write other kinds too..

I have had an unusually difficult childhood, and so I can be unusually wise because of it. Or full of experiences others have not for my age. It can be expressed in my poetry at times.

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Love And Possibility

So know its only mystery
A dream of questioning reality
A risk of all my heart inside
The weariness of where my scars now lie
To wake up tomorrow
Now your gone
Or wake up old and happily
Singing your song
Together as one
Either way
My love will be there
For my heart is yours
Ours shared a beating

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