Bittersweet Music

Bittersweet Music Poems

41. Tomorrows Call 4/28/2013
42. Death Wish 4/28/2013
43. Possibilties 4/30/2013
44. The Jokes On Me 4/28/2013
45. Depression Blind 4/27/2013
46. Fear Vs. Love 5/14/2013
47. Home 4/26/2013
48. Mask Of Smiles 4/28/2013
49. A Living Mistake 5/10/2013
50. Longing 5/8/2013
51. Roses And Thorns 4/28/2013
52. Dreams Vs. Reality 4/26/2013
53. Realization 5/12/2013
54. I Will Be Here 5/14/2013
55. Crazy Club Memories 5/11/2013
56. Seeing Truth 4/24/2013
57. To Say The Truth 5/20/2013
Best Poem of Bittersweet Music

To Say The Truth

If you want the truth ask me
it pretty bad I know

if you need to leave just go
I will wait for you forever I know

if you don't believe me
or its too much to sew I understand

you need to do what you need to

I just need to do the right thing for once
and you need to know

I see it

I am sorry

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I Love You

I love you
Do you see my eyes?

I love you
Can you see inside?

For you are my life

I love
And YOU is all that goes

No longer me
For I am no longer I

Just all my love
And you and I

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