Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson Poems

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As thou sittest there
Skerry-bound and fair,
Mountains high around and ocean's deep before thee,
On thee casts her spell

The Tree

Ready with leaves and with buds stood the tree.
"Shall I take them?" the frost said, now puffing with glee.
"Oh my, no, let them stand,
Till flowers are at hand!"

Love Song

Have you love for me,
Yours my love shall be,
While the days of life are flowing.
Short was summer's stay,

At Hansteen's Bier

God, we thank Thee for the dower
Thou gavest Norway in his power,
Whom in the grave we now shall lay!

Have you heard what says the Swede now,
Young Norwegian man?
Have you seen what forms proceed now,
Border-watch to plan?

Daniel Schjötz

He gave heed to no Great Power
But the one that God we call.
Hastening on to death's high hour,


(In her lodgings)

To-day King Harald
Must hold his ting-peace;

Hunting Song

Round us rolls the heather's sheen,
Heather's sheen,
'Neath the falcon of our queen,
Of our queen.

At Michael Sars's Grave

Ever he would roam
Toward th' eternal home;
From the least life deep in ocean
To each gleam of stars in motion,

Good Cheer

So let these songs their story tell
To all who in the Northland dwell,
Since many friends request it.