black panther eyes eastick

Rookie (16th march 1971 / melbourne)

Biography of black panther eyes eastick

i have been writing poetry since childhood...and am very excited to be able to share my work...i am a healer, a teacher and a mother, a lover, a disability services officer, a passionate woman! i am also an adoptee and have reunited with my natural family...the emotion and feeling i portray in my poems is largely due to the fact that i have felt seperated, abandoned and we all do! ! i have found that poetry has helped me to heal in so many ways...the recognition of the feeling, the emotion, the imagery...into words..i am blessed to be a weilder of words...and i hope you enjoy my two daughters are my greatest inspiration..without them i would loose myself in the abyss.the poems i wrote in the winter of last year are particularly intense, erotic, i was coming to terms with living on my own as a single woman raising my children.many of my poems came about from new experiences with new lovers as i struggled with the grief of seperation.i had not written much poetry for years, just scribbles here and there from time to time...the time i discovered for self during this winter brought forth a creative reemergence of the words that were buried within me...the pain of aloneness a great catalyst for poetry! Updates

Windy Night

The wind blows tonight
My lover has been and gone
The warmth he gave me
Still deep inside

The wind blows tonight
I hear the different sounds it makes
As i make love
As i kiss

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