Black Rabbit

Rookie (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Biography of Black Rabbit

I'm an American Indian, living in Oklahoma USA. I'm married with one great daughter, I've written short stories, plays and poetry. I enjoy writing and speaking to other writers. I like reading other peoples work and commenting on them however I will critize from time to time so please don't ask me to read something unless you really want my true opinion, and I hope you will so the same for my works as well. Most of my work has been written through out my life and reflect different points in my life. Feel free to ask what I was thinking when I wrote the poem and if I remember I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Black Rabbit's Works:

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Bring Out Your Dead

Bring out your Dead! !
He yells, and they walk out carring it, the box.
The box that holds his whole world, the memories he can't share with her again.
The moments that will never be, or the time that they will never spend. Together.

Bring out your Dead!
He yells, and the others help him carry the life in the box.
The one that will never beat full of life, and laughs, and love.

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