Black Rabbit

Rookie (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Black Rabbit Poems

41. Bring Out Your Dead 3/12/2009
42. Mona Lisa 3/14/2009
43. The Truth 3/14/2009
44. Life Is Loss 3/14/2009
45. Why Do I Remember Pain? 3/11/2009
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Why Do I Remember Pain?

Why do we go back to the places that cause us the most memories?
Do we do it to never forget what we were 'once apon a time'?
How much we could do, or what we could've been?
Where would we be now?

Why do I go back home only in my mind?
So that I can't break the past?
Or change the way it makes me feel, inside?
Because happyness seems better there.

Why do I remember pain?
Is it because of how much I wish it wasn't so?
Or is it because the cuts truly never heal?
Because it makes me, who I am today.

When I think and get sad at what ...

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Cowboys And Indians

This is an easy one for me, because when I grew up, (someday I'll grow up) I wanted to live in the time of cowboys and indians. I wanted to be a gun-slinger really bad. Pulling my twin shooters, taking down people with my hot steel and not caring who they were.
When I was young I could see myself, with my spurs and my horse, and my cowboy boots, and hat. Riding out onto the plains. Only stopping to bunk for the night. Living under the big sky and doing what I want, when I want, with who I want

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