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Black Rose poet poems aren't good i just wanted somewhere to put theem. so read at your own risk :)
anyways....i write music too...guitar and piano and drums and a little bass.............yeah. But honostly i suck really suck. So again. Read at your own risk
My spelling sucks too i think i made a couple of errors here...
bah. Favourite band: Green Day
Around my friends i can be quite normal and wild but whith people i dont know i can barely find anything to say.
i am EXTREMELY awkward and weird. And i suck. So read at your own risk! And thanks for taking time to read if you read.hahahahahhahaahahaha ok im blabbering now
Singer: Adam Lambert
Colour: black(i know it's not really a colour) , green, red
Number: 7(don't know why)
And if you hate me go ahead and say so. I'm not being sarcarstic
just tell me you hate me and are going to give up on me though you dont know me Updates


I fell for you like autumn leaves
You are all that my life sees
Even if you don't feel that way
I'll keep waiting for the day
You gave me hope
Erased my sorrow
Gave me a reason to
Live till tomorrow
I gave you my life

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