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I'm 18 and just graduated High School Class of 2010! <3

I love to write poetry about how I feel as well as fanfiction. I have longish dark brown hair that I dye red or purple and Blueish-green eyes with a Hazel ring around my eye. I love Anime soo soo much as well as faries. I am a heavy gamer ^_^! I hate being called Little Lady, but I'm 5'5'' and short so people still call me that.

I submit my stories and poems on this site as well

COME JOIN SHADOWSHINE KNIGHTS, It's my friends Roleplaying / Gaming community if you're interested,

I'm Karine on there, an Admin / Irc Operator

[IMG]http: //[/IMG] Screen Name: katana3700, Or find me by my email-

My hero's are the people who are close to me

I Miss You Lizzie R.I.P. September 20,1991 - May 4,2007
We'll Miss you Sam R.I.P. ~May 4,2007~

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