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I'm 18 and just graduated High School Class of 2010! <3

I love to write poetry about how I feel as well as fanfiction. I have longish dark brown hair that I dye red or purple and Blueish-green eyes with a Hazel ring around my eye. I love Anime soo soo much as well as faries. I am a heavy gamer ^_^! I hate being called Little Lady, but I'm 5'5'' and short so people still call me that.

I submit my stories and poems on this site as well

COME JOIN SHADOWSHINE KNIGHTS, It's my friends Roleplaying / Gaming community if you're interested,

I'm Karine on there, an Admin / Irc Operator

[IMG]http: //[/IMG] Screen Name: katana3700, Or find me by my email-

My hero's are the people who are close to me

I Miss You Lizzie R.I.P. September 20,1991 - May 4,2007
We'll Miss you Sam R.I.P. ~May 4,2007~ Updates

The Rain

They say the rain can wash away anything
Paint, blood, debris, sorrow, hurt, and suffering
But my one question is
What does the rain really bring?
To some people happiness
Washing away all that is wrong
Giving them a cleansing
But to others, sadness
It brings memories that can't be forgotten

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