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I am on this site entirely to get my work out there. I am only 15 right now, but some day, I hope to be a writer/artist. I will write poems and books. I will draw comics and manga and cartoons for magazines. I am very 'right brained' if you will. And all i really have is writing, drawing and friends. I am very presistant, and I truely intend to achieve my dreams!

MY Inpirations in order from bigegest to smallest inspirations are:

Luis A. M.
My older brother
My baby sister
All the kids/ things I odserve in this world
My Emotions

BlackXWhiteFeathers Raven Mendez's Works:

Non yet, but just you wait! Updates

Ode To The Sound Of Song

It sooths the soul
And stirs emotions.
It can make you happy or it can make you sad. It’s made some cry and others laugh.

Some are funny and stupid, or cunning and clever. They twist your mind and mess with your soul.

It can be as addicting as a single cigarette.
Some just ignore and some embrace. For some its there life, and without a trace can warp you into its hypnotizing scheme. Its everywhere you turn, like a color or face.

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