Bleeding Willow

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Biography of Bleeding Willow

Well my name is Jennifer call me Jen
im 15 i write to express myself an pretty much i want to become a writer im currently am writeing a book so i guess if i keep trying then i may become one.
i have a pretty hard life well very hard so what you read will mostly be depressing so yeah sorry if its not what u want to read.
im a recovering cutter- i stoped cutting myself last year from all the pain i had to endure at home, school an out in public- i was bullied talked about i was told about this site from my therapist she said this site is basicley a group of people who express themselves in there poetry an the people who read it can tell u how they relate. so thus its leading me to do this i like this site so far an its helping me relate my life into my writeing so i hope u enjoy it
:) peace, love, an blood

Bleeding Willow's Works:

well im on the verge of writeing one soo yeah ha Updates

No More

Will i stay or will i go thats a choice i need to know
To live i have to endure the beatings, the evil flashes- that the
dark recesses
my mind that haunt me, that mock me, that constently wont leave me
alone, the evil cruel thoughts of my past that hurt me, causeing me to
bleed an ooze threw the scares that show i have nonething else to give
for or try.
To die always seems to bring a smile on my face, no pain, no blood,
no more beatings, hurting, crying, suffering, no more evil fla

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