Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Gold Star - 7,092 Points (3/13/1982 / Brazil)

Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Poems

1. As I Exhale And Sigh (Quatrain?) 9/20/2013
2. Even Covered With Ants 9/20/2013
3. The Saddest Song Ever Sung (Senryu) 8/14/2014
4. Life Is Such A Blur 11/21/2014
5. Mankind Unkind (Rubliw) 12/2/2014
6. Poets Of Lit (Rubliw) 12/4/2014
7. My Muse You Lose (Rubliw) 12/11/2014
8. Psycho Babble Scribble Squabble And Scrabble 12/22/2014
9. That Can Buy Many Useful Things (American Cinquain?) 1/22/2015
10. How Long Will I Have To Wait 1/12/2015
11. Noble Platinum (Haiku) 2/27/2015
12. When It Comes To War (Bussokusekika) 3/5/2015
13. Could Said Locust Be Factions (Bussokusekika) 3/6/2015
14. The Knowledge Revealed (Bussokusekika) 3/8/2015
15. We Will All Be Judged The Same (Bussokusekika) 3/8/2015
16. Ya'Ll Should Stop Counting Chickens (Bussokusekika) 3/8/2015
17. Any Time Of Night Or Day (Acrostic Bussokusekika) 3/9/2015
18. 'Tis Not Every Day (Senryu) 3/9/2015
19. Four Questions Remain (Bussokusekika) 3/1/2015
20. Some Proclaim Jihad (Bussokusekika) 3/4/2015
21. Just For The Hatra Of It (Bussokusekika) 3/11/2015
22. Jehovah Is My True Strength (Bussokusekika) 3/12/2015
23. The Drought Jest May Do Us In (Bussokusekika) 3/12/2015
24. Dot The Apple Of God's Eye (Bussokusekika) 3/13/2015
25. Jest Curious 3/9/2015
26. I'Ll Take A Sabbatical (Bussokusekika) 3/11/2015
27. How Many High Revolving (Bussokusekika) 3/13/2015
28. They Say That In Sports (Bussokusekika) 3/13/2015
29. Between My Father And Them (Bussokusekika) 3/13/2015
30. My Little Seal Is Perfect (Bussokusekika) 3/14/2015
31. Time For R & R (Bussokusekika) 3/14/2015
32. Just A Little Math For Thought (Free Verse) 3/15/2015
33. Humm Pity Dumb Pity 3/15/2015
34. Nothing Compares To God's Love (Bussokusekika) 3/16/2015
35. Why Should I Worry (Bussokusekika) 3/16/2015
36. Unlike World Markets (Senryu) 3/16/2015
37. It Would Be A Shame (Senryu) 3/16/2015
38. Sowing Seeds Of Destruction (Bussokusekika) 3/17/2015
39. Maybe I Am Crying Wolf (Bussokusekika) 3/18/2015
40. A Note To Francis (Triple Bussokusekika) 3/18/2015

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Best Poem of Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Praise God I Am Not You

Praise God I Am Not You

I do not need money
And I do not need fame
I have found my white rock
With my God given name

You can call me Dagesh
Or you may call me Dot
Yet some may call me One
And what of good old Lot

Ya'lls time is almost up
Will My Dad lift his stay
Sodom and Gomorrah
Even they had their day

As if there is a God
And mankind has been judged
Oh where is my signet
Ya'll have not even budged

I think it's poetic
How some rich have been sealed
They will get their desserts
And what if they are ...

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We Should Be Glad

We Should Be Glad

I best get back
From whence I came
An unknown poet
Without a name

There was a time
We were as one

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