Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Gold Star - 7,092 Points (3/13/1982 / Brazil)

Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Poems

121. As Do The Poor Citizens (Double Bussokusekika) 5/10/2015
122. My Dad's Given Me Much More (Double Bussokusekika) 5/10/2015
123. Before They Pull The Trigger (Bussokusekika) 5/11/2015
124. And A New Poem Is Born (Bussokusekika) 5/11/2015
125. My Poems Are Not Poems (Bussokusekika) 5/11/2015
126. My Poems Speak For Their Selves (Bussokusekika) 5/11/2015
127. Are These Not The Final Days (Bussokusekika) 5/11/2015
128. Has Mary Been Judged (Bussokusekika) 5/12/2015
129. As Proof Your Tale Was Told Well (Bussokusekika) 5/13/2015
130. Will Ya'Ll Return My Signet. (Bussokusekika) 5/13/2015
131. Is It A Curse In Disguise (Bussokusekika) 5/14/2015
132. Are Ya'Ll In The Cutting Mood (Senryu) 5/14/2015
133. For You Were Truly A King (Bussokusekika) 5/15/2015
134. My Father Does As He Wills (Bussokusekika) 5/16/2015
135. What Might Mexico Be Like (Bussokusekika) 5/28/2015
136. The So Called Vegas In Crowd (Bussokusekika) 6/2/2015
137. This Is Getting Old (Bussokusekika) 6/6/2015
138. And What Of The R.G.V.? ? ? (Bussokusekika) 6/11/2015
139. Some May Think This Is A Joke (Bussokusekika) 6/13/2015
140. There Will Come A Day (Bussokusekika) 6/21/2015
141. Happy Day Abba Abba (Bussokusekika) 6/21/2015
142. A Large Bowl Of Cheerios (Bussokusekika) 6/22/2015
143. With Minimal Paperwork (Bussokusekika) 6/23/2015
144. Have Any Of You (Bussokusekika) 6/29/2015
145. Radar And Lidar (Senryu) 6/29/2015
146. An Ancient Sea Floor (Haiku) 6/30/2015
147. Told By Old Gambusinos (Bussokusekika) 6/30/2015
148. My Tia Juana Diamond (Bussokusekika) 7/1/2015
149. I Just Earned A Hundred Grand (Bussokusekika) 7/1/2015
150. So What Is My Use Fee Worth (Bussokusekika) 7/1/2015
151. Owning A Treasure Website (Senryu) 7/1/2015
152. I Think Masons Are A**hol** 7/1/2015
153. Who Liked Sitting On My Lap 7/2/2015
154. Clear And Present Danger (Free Verse) 7/2/2015
155. Is Tayopa The Dutchman (Bussokusekika) 7/3/2015
156. I Have Valid Legal Points (Bussokusekika) 7/3/2015
157. God's Power Of Devine Love. (Bussokusekika) 7/3/2015
158. What If The World Has Been Judged (Bussokusekika) 7/4/2015
159. When All Of Us Pass Away (Bussokusekika) 7/4/2015
160. Of Blood And Water (Bussokusekika) 7/4/2015

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Best Poem of Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Praise God I Am Not You

Praise God I Am Not You

I do not need money
And I do not need fame
I have found my white rock
With my God given name

You can call me Dagesh
Or you may call me Dot
Yet some may call me One
And what of good old Lot

Ya'lls time is almost up
Will My Dad lift his stay
Sodom and Gomorrah
Even they had their day

As if there is a God
And mankind has been judged
Oh where is my signet
Ya'll have not even budged

I think it's poetic
How some rich have been sealed
They will get their desserts
And what if they are ...

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Poets Of Lit (Rubliw)

Are all know its
We write words filled with wit
And at times we don't give a $#! *
Sure we may have tantrums and throw a fit
Yet when you get down too the it
Some poets have true grit
They'll write a bit
Of lit

Edwin Tanguma 12/4/214

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