Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Gold Star - 6,925 Points (3/13/1982 / Brazil)

Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro) Poems

321. Just For The Record 3/23/2015
322. For Golden City Dwellers (Bussokusekika) 3/24/2015
323. Today's Food For Thought 3/24/2015
324. Ya'Ll Will Be Eating Kimchee (Bussokusekika) 3/25/2015
325. Will Your Sanctions Continue (Tanka) 9/28/2015
326. I Too Like To Laugh (Bussokusekika) 9/29/2015
327. Some May Call You A Sonneteer Out Loud (Spenserian Sonnet) ? 9/29/2015
328. According To History (Bussokusekika) 10/2/2015
329. Busy Honeybee (Bussokusekika) 10/2/2015
330. The Bible Is So Complex (Bussokusekika) 10/3/2015
331. The Rainbow Angel (Bussokusekika) 10/3/2015
332. Metals Of Antiquity (Bussokusekika) 10/3/2015
333. Soy Como El Schultz (Bussokusekika) 10/4/2015
334. What Is My Father Thinking (Bussokusekika) 3/25/2015
335. 2/16/66 3/26/2015
336. So I Brought Up The Drought 3/26/2015
337. A Funny Article In The Local Paper (Freeverse) 3/26/2015
338. How Much Time Do Ya'Ll Have Left (Bussokusekika) 3/19/2015
339. Desde Que Nos Dejamos (Bussokusekika) 6/9/2017
340. If The West Goes Down The Drain (Bussokusekika) 3/25/2015
341. Vultures Of New York (Senryu) 3/23/2015
342. Revelation 16: 13 3/23/2015
343. Lucifer (Acrostic) 3/16/2015
344. At Times I Wonder (Bussokusekika) 3/16/2015
345. About California's Water Woes (Free Verse) 3/15/2015
346. Hell! I'Ll Be Content (Bussokusekika) 3/14/2015
347. Keep Granting Us More Credit (Double Bussokusekika) 3/14/2015
348. Fair Warning To All (Bussokusekika) 3/13/2015
349. By The Hand Of God (Bussokusekika) 3/14/2015
350. Another Name For Donkey (Bussokusekika) 3/11/2015
351. Ya'Ll Have Made Your Beds (Senryu) 2/27/2015
352. Ores Of Which Dreams Are Made Of (Acrostic Bussokusekika) 3/9/2015
353. Concerning The Price Of Gas (Tanka) 1/6/2015
354. Life's Great Thirst Quencher (Didactic Cinquain?) 1/20/2015
355. We Should Be Glad 11/20/2014
356. A 'no Piece' Cosby (Couplet) 11/26/2014
357. Mother Nature's Natural Groundskeeper (Didactic Cinquain?) 1/21/2015
358. My Wife Goodwife (Rubliw) 12/4/2014
359. For The Trekkie Fans Today 2/27/2015
360. My Dear Juliet (Senryu) 1/17/2015
Best Poem of Blu 1 Blu 1 (Rio de Janeiro)

Praise God I Am Not You

Praise God I Am Not You

I do not need money
And I do not need fame
I have found my white rock
With my God given name

You can call me Dagesh
Or you may call me Dot
Yet some may call me One
And what of good old Lot

Ya'lls time is almost up
Will My Dad lift his stay
Sodom and Gomorrah
Even they had their day

As if there is a God
And mankind has been judged
Oh where is my signet
Ya'll have not even budged

I think it's poetic
How some rich have been sealed
They will get their desserts
And what if they are ...

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Life Is Such A Blur

Life Is Such A Blur

Another day
Has come and past
Twenty-four hours
Have gone so fast

How was your day
Mine was not bad

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