Bob and Alex Eichen

Rookie - 64 Points (06OCT58 / Alton, IL)

Bob and Alex Eichen Poems

41. Trapped In Satan's Time Machine 9/11/2009
42. The Dolorous Diary Of A Walking Dead Man 9/26/2009
43. Epitaph 12/11/2009
44. In Lamentation Of The Children Of The Wind 6/18/2007
45. After Ice Cream 6/18/2007
46. The Eating Of Ash 6/18/2007
47. The Choice 6/19/2007
48. Somnolence 6/22/2007
49. Everyman's Death: A Rainbow 7/28/2011
50. Suicide Poem: Patient Br549 7/28/2011
51. Suicide Poem: Patient 52x365 7/28/2011
52. Suicide Poem: Patient 1 7/28/2011
53. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 9/6/2011
54. One Tear, I Shed For You 11/29/2011
55. What Can'T Be Cured Can'T Be Endured 8/30/2012
56. Erosion 8/8/2007
57. I'Ll Race You To The Grave! Ready! Set! Go! 8/8/2007
58. Young Man! You Just Wait Until Your Father Gets Home! 8/14/2007
59. Unfinished Acceptance 10/27/2007
60. I'Ve Never Been Sad 7/4/2007
61. The Mourning Son 11/22/2016
62. He Lost His Son 12/29/2016
63. Heartworms 1/20/2017
64. The Extraordinary Dreams Of An Ordinary Man 12/18/2007
65. A Pound Of Time 6/3/2007
66. To Lose A Child 1/20/2010
67. A Place For Everyone, And Everyone In Their Place 4/6/2008
68. A Test Of Man's History 3/4/2008
69. The Baby Ii Rise And Fall At The Speed Of Life (Unabridged) 7/11/2007
70. The Baby Iii Rise And Fall At The Speed Of Life (Abridged) 7/11/2007
71. Habit 6/23/2007
72. My Love Like Stars 6/3/2007
73. The Flower (A Cinquain) 8/13/2007
74. On The Reanimation Of Lifeless Human Tissue 3/27/2010
75. The Mass Extinction Of The Poet Bobby E 5/6/2009
76. The Hammer Defeats The Anvil 6/6/2013
77. Apple 6/23/2007
78. Expect To Be Hated 11/5/2007
79. The 10,401st Day Of World War 17 7/16/2007
80. The Banner Knight Ii The Knight And The Devil 6/11/2007
Best Poem of Bob and Alex Eichen


I'd appreciate the angel more
If she'd stolen the memory with the man.

I can just see-

No distant glares at our places;
The pallisades and tennis courts,
The road at 3 AM.

No blood drawn lip at pictures,
No pounding on the mirror.

A shadow space of air at every anger...
A look-away at every laugh...

In place of memory, a sunlit lake-
A time I stood in thought...
With no idea of what was lost forever.

(This poem was written by Alexander Eichen)

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The Warrior Fool

A warrior sat on a mountain of skulls,
after a bloody great war.
He looked all around for someone to kill,
his body was battered and sore.
He saw one foe left, as war torn as he,
perched on a vast pile of arms.
'I cut off their arms, ' the warrior said,
'For then they can do me no harm.'
'Your pile is bigger than mine, ' said the first,

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