Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

521. We Truly Need The Light 3/13/2004
522. He's More Than A Superstar 3/17/2004
523. Who Actually Killed Christ? 4/6/2004
524. Messiah Will Eternally Reign 9/25/2004
525. Prophet, Priest And King 9/25/2004
526. Not In Touch With Reality 9/25/2004
527. Not Only For Me 4/12/2010
528. In God’s Mighty Hand 4/19/2010
529. Walking In Godly Wisdom 12/14/2004
530. His Perfect Way 12/23/2004
531. After I Knew 4/24/2010
532. I Know 4/25/2010
533. Avoiding The Weeds 4/26/2010
534. Time To Choose 4/27/2010
535. Don’t Be Left Not Knowing 4/29/2010
536. A World Unaware 3/8/2005
537. The End Of Darkness 3/18/2005
538. Who Are The Saints? 4/13/2005
539. Mundane Toil 4/30/2005
540. Rejoice Within 5/12/2005
541. It’s All Relative 5/28/2005
542. Babylonian Spirit 5/9/2010
543. As The Nations Rage 5/10/2010
544. Mysteries Revealed 6/14/2005
545. The Mystery Of Israel 6/18/2005
546. God Makes Changes 6/18/2005
547. The Mystery Of Godliness 6/22/2005
548. Falling From Grace 5/14/2010
549. Seek The Lord 6/29/2005
550. God's Only Way 6/30/2005
551. Valley Of Peace 7/6/2005
552. Moved By His Love 7/11/2005
553. To Know Him 5/15/2010
554. The Living God 7/22/2005
555. The Lion And The Lamb 5/17/2010
556. Wisdom From Above 5/17/2010
557. To Live For You 8/5/2005
558. Searching For Truth 8/7/2005
559. Disasters 9/2/2005
560. Precious In His Sight 5/20/2010
Best Poem of Bob Gotti

A Cord Of Three Strands

I have one lovely woman in my life, but we have a marriage of three.
The life long bond of our marriage is my wife, Jesus Christ, and me.

This is not simply a well known cliché, a phrase, or a simple token,
For Solomon said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

And when I include in my life, my two sons, I have a family of five,
For in the center is Jesus Christ who helps my entire family thrive.

The church that we attend is not just men and women under a steeple,
For the power we derive from Jesus Christ makes us a special people.

Even ...

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His Church Can Rise Up

Today The Church can rise above, through God’s power and His Love.
She can rise up to the task at hand, and for The Lord can take a stand.
My friend, even in the darkest nights, we can rise up to greater heights.
For we can rise up in Christ’s Victory, as we march forward to Eternity.

Jesus Christ will build His Church, and build it upon The Savior’s worth.
She’s not built upon an earthly frame, but built upon Her Savior’s Name.
Jesus Christ the very Cornerstone, guides His Church from H

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