Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

601. His Name In Vain 8/30/2010
602. Believing Not 9/6/2010
603. Secure Eternally 9/11/2010
604. In God’s Grip 9/12/2010
605. Many Beliefs, But One Way 9/13/2006
606. Predictors Of Doom 9/23/2006
607. Through Our Journey 9/18/2010
608. Better Than Expected 9/21/2010
609. Back On My Feet 10/20/2010
610. Parenthesis Of Praise 10/22/2010
611. Sadly Deceived 10/21/2006
612. No Time To Worry 10/28/2010
613. God’s Lights 10/28/2006
614. Seeds To Heed 11/1/2006
615. When I Depart 11/4/2010
616. Not Works Of Righteousness 9/30/2010
617. He’ll Be With Me 11/13/2010
618. They Didn’t Get It 11/17/2006
619. Blind And Deceived 11/18/2006
620. A Tangible Proof 11/19/2006
621. No Dice 11/25/2010
622. Uncertainties Ahead 11/27/2010
623. Holiday Debate 11/28/2010
624. Changing Hearts 12/2/2006
625. Twenty Four Seven 12/4/2010
626. Swayed On The Way 12/9/2006
627. Return To Him 12/11/2006
628. Tossed About 12/8/2010
629. Wicked 12/11/2010
630. Timeless 12/23/2010
631. I Thank You Once More 12/25/2010
632. With The Season Over 12/30/2010
633. What Must God Think? 1/1/2011
634. The Glory Of The Lord 1/24/2007
635. In The Will Of God 2/5/2007
636. Peace And Goodwill 1/22/2011
637. The Gift From God 1/22/2011
638. All That’s Needed 1/22/2011
639. Hope Christ Gives 1/22/2011
640. Assured Through Christ 1/22/2011

Comments about Bob Gotti

  • James Grengs (10/24/2004 7:43:00 AM)

    Maria, you have every right to be cynical, but i have one point to make- Jesus didn't just speak of love, He did. He gave Himself, the ultimate sacrifice, because He loved us.

    Can anyone measure up to that? Granted, Christians don't do all that we can to improve our society, but the best thing we can do is tell society what Jesus did for them. Society as a whole doesn't need reform, or welfare, or any handouts- they need Jesus.

    Sorry to sound as if I'm preaching, but understand that I don't hate you or your standing at all, I'm more saying that you shouldn't judge Christianity for what you think is a lack of action.

    Also, I have a problem with hypocrisy as much as anyone (if not more) and I can say that if I knew Mr. Gotti to be a hypocrite, I wouldn't care for his poetry. But as it is, I don't know what he does, only what he says, and I think that what he says is great stuff.

    In love,

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  • James Grengs (10/22/2004 11:23:00 AM)

    Bob, whatever anyone else might say, you have a gift. your poetry is very good, and I, for one, appreciate that you can write about our Lord and Saviour so well. keep fighting the good fight, brother.

Best Poem of Bob Gotti

Humility And Pride

Two emotions deep down inside, are those of humility and pride,
They produce what men may see, in the life of both you and me.
A haughty spirit can sure reside, in a heart that’s filled with pride.
A humble spirit is in you and me, when you’re filled with humility.

You can lift yourself up with pride, but God’s Word is not denied,
And God’s Word is clear and loud, God will humble all the proud.
Men may believe that they are wise; but that is only in their eyes.
For all of pride, my dear friend, by The Lord shall be condemned.

Men who are humble and meek, by ...

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Friend worry is just Satan’s ploy, to rob you of your God given joy.
He may say that you have control, as he desires to ruin your soul.
Worry not; a command of The Lord, by many simply goes ignored.
Seek first The Kingdom of God, this He says with a confident nod.

Also seek His Righteousness, and He will fill your heart with bliss.
Seek Him first, my dear friend, and all will be yours come the end.
Your concerns to Him just release, and He’ll fill you with His peace.
His Peace that come

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