Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

761. Walking In Assurance 11/18/2011
762. The Spirit Of God 1/19/2006
763. The Spirit Is Willing 5/30/2007
764. The Narrow Way 3/25/2005
765. For It Is Written 5/7/2004
766. Friend Are You Qualified? 9/9/2003
767. Footsteps 8/23/2007
768. Fleeting Times 7/19/2005
769. Fires And Floods 1/11/2007
770. Thanks And Praise 11/25/2011
771. Another Christmas 11/28/2011
772. Merry X-Mas? 11/30/2011
773. A Day To Remember 12/2/2011
774. Of The Light 12/9/2011
775. At Our Funeral 12/15/2011
776. All Things 12/21/2011
777. Ditch The Religion 12/21/2011
778. Yet By Grace 12/23/2011
779. Whatever The Tides 12/29/2011
780. Returning Menace 12/31/2011
781. What Is Heaven? 1/10/2012
782. We Are Saints 1/29/2012
783. Just A Taste 2/2/2012
784. By God 2/4/2012
785. Worship 2/9/2012
786. Through Every Day 2/16/2012
787. Truly Thankful 2/18/2012
788. Who We Worship 2/18/2012
789. Controlling All 1/28/2012
790. A Choice To Make 1/28/2012
791. The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit 11/20/2003
792. The Righteous And The Unrighteous 12/14/2005
793. Worship In Adversity 2/27/2012
794. I Have Learned 3/3/2012
795. The End Of Grace 3/4/2012
796. Corporate Worship 3/8/2012
797. Sowing For The Lord 3/14/2012
798. Relinquished 3/17/2012
799. Another Season 3/20/2012
800. Waste Not This Time 3/23/2012

Comments about Bob Gotti

  • James Grengs (10/24/2004 7:43:00 AM)

    Maria, you have every right to be cynical, but i have one point to make- Jesus didn't just speak of love, He did. He gave Himself, the ultimate sacrifice, because He loved us.

    Can anyone measure up to that? Granted, Christians don't do all that we can to improve our society, but the best thing we can do is tell society what Jesus did for them. Society as a whole doesn't need reform, or welfare, or any handouts- they need Jesus.

    Sorry to sound as if I'm preaching, but understand that I don't hate you or your standing at all, I'm more saying that you shouldn't judge Christianity for what you think is a lack of action.

    Also, I have a problem with hypocrisy as much as anyone (if not more) and I can say that if I knew Mr. Gotti to be a hypocrite, I wouldn't care for his poetry. But as it is, I don't know what he does, only what he says, and I think that what he says is great stuff.

    In love,

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  • James Grengs (10/22/2004 11:23:00 AM)

    Bob, whatever anyone else might say, you have a gift. your poetry is very good, and I, for one, appreciate that you can write about our Lord and Saviour so well. keep fighting the good fight, brother.

Best Poem of Bob Gotti

A Cord Of Three Strands

I have one lovely woman in my life, but we have a marriage of three.
The life long bond of our marriage is my wife, Jesus Christ, and me.

This is not simply a well known cliché, a phrase, or a simple token,
For Solomon said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

And when I include in my life, my two sons, I have a family of five,
For in the center is Jesus Christ who helps my entire family thrive.

The church that we attend is not just men and women under a steeple,
For the power we derive from Jesus Christ makes us a special people.

Even ...

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Removing The Veil

All people are born with a spiritual veil that covers their face,
Left in its place this veil hides both God's Truth and His Grace.

God sent His Son to earth, with the intent to take this veil away,
But with hearts filled with pride, some have chose to let it remain.

Allowing it to remain and being veiled from God's Truth from above,
They are hindered from being filled with God's peace and His love.

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