Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

1161. What Mother Nature? 12/12/2003
1162. A Season For Sharing 12/7/2009
1163. He Is Faithful And Just 1/16/2004
1164. A Message To Proclaim 2/29/2004
1165. Christ Still Redeems 2/16/2004
1166. A Pilgrims Purpose 7/24/2003
1167. From That Child 12/27/2009
1168. Words 3/22/2006
1169. I Have Been Saved 7/4/2003
1170. Decisions 4/3/2006
1171. That Old Rugged Cross 4/11/2006
1172. They Knew Him Not 4/20/2006
1173. For Itching Ears 10/27/2005
1174. Forgave, Saved And Raised 1/5/2006
1175. Bends In The Road 5/29/2006
1176. Desires Of Your Heart 2/25/2006
1177. Labor For Eternity 5/3/2005
1178. All Our Trials 2/2/2005
1179. His Will, Not Mine 2/4/2005
1180. Maybe You Should Seek His Face 2/29/2004
1181. In Three Days 6/5/2003
1182. Only One Spirit To Follow 7/4/2003
1183. A Body Of Believers 9/28/2005
1184. The City Of David 6/5/2003
1185. Daniel’s Mysteries 7/26/2005
1186. The Broad And The Narrow 6/1/2003
1187. The Lord's Harvest Of Plenty 7/4/2003
1188. The Master Of Intrigue 7/4/2003
1189. The Peace Of Jerusalem 6/5/2003
1190. The Light Of Christ In The Present Darkness 6/17/2003
1191. Change From The Inside Out 6/17/2003
1192. As The Spirit Fills 1/28/2006
1193. According To The Scriptures 7/4/2003
1194. Friendship With The World 7/4/2003
1195. Follow The Lamb 4/21/2005
1196. At Just The Right Time 10/23/2004
1197. God Spoke Through The Ages 9/15/2005
1198. Have You Changed? 6/17/2003
1199. An Echoing Sadness 2/24/2005
1200. Code Orange Code Red 5/27/2003
Best Poem of Bob Gotti

A Cord Of Three Strands

I have one lovely woman in my life, but we have a marriage of three.
The life long bond of our marriage is my wife, Jesus Christ, and me.

This is not simply a well known cliché, a phrase, or a simple token,
For Solomon said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

And when I include in my life, my two sons, I have a family of five,
For in the center is Jesus Christ who helps my entire family thrive.

The church that we attend is not just men and women under a steeple,
For the power we derive from Jesus Christ makes us a special people.

Even ...

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Behold The Lamb

We are told to behold The Lamb, sent to the earth by the great I Am,
To behold the very Lamb of God, who will soon rule with an iron rod.
He was the Lamb not many knew, was sent to earth for me and you,
The One who left a Glorious Throne, only to be rejected by His own.

The Lamb who took away our sin, although none was found in Him.
Indeed the only blameless sacrifice, was the God Man Jesus Christ.
Behold God’s amazing sacrifice, given so we may have Eternal Life,
The Lord above paid

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