Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

161. Repent And Produce Fruit 2/1/2004
162. Ultimate Power Is God My Friend 9/25/2004
163. Only One Mediator 10/21/2005
164. Maybe Tomorrow 10/22/2005
165. Have You Changed? 6/17/2003
166. This Present Darkness 6/1/2003
167. Six Pending Judgments 5/19/2003
168. At Just The Right Time 10/23/2004
169. He's My Friend 7/4/2003
170. God's Simple Way Of Salvation 6/17/2003
171. God Spoke Through The Ages 9/15/2005
172. The Romans Road 5/28/2003
173. No Excuse This Time 6/17/2003
174. God's Eternal City 6/5/2003
175. Are You Eager To Meet The Lord? 2/6/2004
176. God's Will Can Not Be Frustrated 6/1/2003
177. Could You Really Call Me Friend? 5/27/2003
178. An Eternal Source 11/12/2005
179. Grace Along The Way 11/15/2005
180. Rivers Of Life 11/17/2005
181. Gloomy Clouds 11/18/2005
182. He’s Done So Much For Me 11/20/2005
183. Christ Became A Spectacle 11/23/2005
184. A Day For Thanksgiving 11/26/2005
185. What's The Hurry Down Here 5/27/2003
186. Such A Great Salvation 6/17/2003
187. He's More Than Just A God To Me 6/17/2003
188. When That Trumpet Sounds 6/17/2003
189. A True Blessed Hope 3/16/2005
190. Disappointments 3/17/2005
191. Religiously Intolerant 7/4/2003
192. A Heavy Heart 5/9/2005
193. I Need To Seek His Face 7/4/2003
194. The Lord's Scepter Shall Never Depart 6/1/2003
195. Are You Grafted In 6/17/2003
196. His Final Justice 7/4/2003
197. The Beginning Of Wisdom 5/19/2003
198. Dispensations 6/5/2006
199. An Eternal Choice 6/16/2006
200. Much Today Is Not Of The Lord 7/4/2003

Comments about Bob Gotti

  • James Grengs (10/24/2004 7:43:00 AM)

    Maria, you have every right to be cynical, but i have one point to make- Jesus didn't just speak of love, He did. He gave Himself, the ultimate sacrifice, because He loved us.

    Can anyone measure up to that? Granted, Christians don't do all that we can to improve our society, but the best thing we can do is tell society what Jesus did for them. Society as a whole doesn't need reform, or welfare, or any handouts- they need Jesus.

    Sorry to sound as if I'm preaching, but understand that I don't hate you or your standing at all, I'm more saying that you shouldn't judge Christianity for what you think is a lack of action.

    Also, I have a problem with hypocrisy as much as anyone (if not more) and I can say that if I knew Mr. Gotti to be a hypocrite, I wouldn't care for his poetry. But as it is, I don't know what he does, only what he says, and I think that what he says is great stuff.

    In love,

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  • James Grengs (10/22/2004 11:23:00 AM)

    Bob, whatever anyone else might say, you have a gift. your poetry is very good, and I, for one, appreciate that you can write about our Lord and Saviour so well. keep fighting the good fight, brother.

Best Poem of Bob Gotti

Just Why The Son Was Given

For unto us a child was born, and unto us The Son was given.
Through The Son I am reborn, and by His blood I am forgiven.
On a cross of shame and scorn, His life for all was freely given.
Many hearts indeed were torn, as the temple curtain was riven.

But that was the end of The Law, and began the Age of Grace.
And access was open to all, who in prayer would seek His face.
This was for men big and small, at any time and from any place.
He came to redeem from the fall, all the sinners of Adam’s race.

The only man, who had no sin, came into this world to be a ...

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His Church Can Rise Up

Today The Church can rise above, through God’s power and His Love.
She can rise up to the task at hand, and for The Lord can take a stand.
My friend, even in the darkest nights, we can rise up to greater heights.
For we can rise up in Christ’s Victory, as we march forward to Eternity.

Jesus Christ will build His Church, and build it upon The Savior’s worth.
She’s not built upon an earthly frame, but built upon Her Savior’s Name.
Jesus Christ the very Cornerstone, guides His Church from H

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