Bobbi MillerMoro

Rookie (5-08-1973 / Hollywood, Ca)

Biography of Bobbi MillerMoro

Bobbi MillerMoro poet

Bobbi Miller-Moro I'm a proud daughter, mother of five, wife, friend, ex-police officer and filmmaker. Most of all, I'm a proud woman who loves empowering women. I'm not afraid of hard work, dedication and putting in the long hours, months at a time to deliver films that make a difference. See any one of our films and you will know we make sure to leave magic on the screen.

I do not believe or follow feminism. I was born in an era and country where women can be whatever they want to be. The generation where women can be powerful, brilliant and seductive. The older generation of men have considered my work feminist because they do not understand full self expression, no matter your sex. They are offended by my glorifying and uplifting women, especially mothers.

Working on second book, 'Having it All-Women Without Borders.' First book is LESSONS I LEARNED FROM OBAMA Available on Amazon in a few days. Updates

You Know

You know just what to do to me.
You bring out the best in me
What you do to me
Your lively eyes
And handsome face
Your warm, sweet, delicious embrace.

You bring out the best in me
I feel like such a woman

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