Bobby Marbles Mobley

Bobby Marbles Mobley Poems

1. Human Bomb 7/19/2003
2. Ozark Winter Storm 2000 9/21/2003
3. Central Avenue Downtown 9/21/2003
4. Martha 9/17/2003
5. Infinite Rules 7/20/2003
6. Dear Jesus 7/20/2003
7. I Need It 7/20/2003
8. Ducky Rides 7/20/2003
9. Stephanie 8/24/2003
10. Pregnant Chads 9/21/2003
11. Shine Time 7/18/2003
12. Alf A To Z Bet 7/18/2003
13. On Writing Poems 7/19/2003
14. First Or Last 7/20/2003
15. Love Blooms Again 7/18/2003
16. Pledge Of Belligerence 9/21/2003
17. Alphabet 9/21/2003
18. X-Cited 7/20/2003
19. Brickhouse Grill 8/24/2003
20. Will's Rotor Scooter 7/18/2003
21. Mystery Lady 7/20/2003
22. Days Like This 7/20/2003
23. Granny's Flying Kitchen 8/24/2003
24. I Would Love It 7/20/2003
25. Lost Friends 7/20/2003
26. Stuff Stuff Stuff 7/20/2003
Best Poem of Bobby Marbles Mobley

Stuff Stuff Stuff

I got tons of stuff I do declare
House stuffed with stuff everywhere
Stuff inside my closet door
Lots of stuff on the floor
My stuffy garage is filled with stuff
Secret stuff pretty stuff crazy stuff
Stuff expensive stuff so cheap
Stuff I found on the street
At yard sales I find stuff
I can't seem to get enough
Boxes stuffed from the ceiling to the floor
Stuff I don't need anymore
Tons of stuff I must have about
Stuff that I could never do without
Rooms filled with stuff I don't know why
So much stuff that I could cry
What would I do without my ...

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Ozark Winter Storm 2000

Yo' weather man predicted, ice, rain, snow or sleet
It would be spread around all over the state
In Hot Springs, Arkansas we saw frazzing rain.
Gwine to be ice cold tonight, it's all the same.
Gray clouds gathered and it peered like snow
The temperature dipped to freezing and below.
Frazzing rain drizzled on the streets and trees
left a layer of ice as slic' as you please.
Ice weighed down limbs with a heavy bent

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